Right now, you might be consumed with all the wedding night madness, but it’s important that you make some time for yourself to enjoy the single life, cross some things off your pre-marriage “bucket list”and discuss crucial topics with your future hubby while you still can. After all, we don’t want you to look back in 10 or 20 years, when you’re hopefully happily married and with dozens of kids by your side, and feel nostalgic for things you didn’t even do! If you’re wondering what to do before you get hitched, here are a few tips or a 100! Pick your choice.

Things to do for yourself

  1. Live alone, even if it’s for one month or a few weeks
  2. Learn to cook meals that you like, but don’t do it so that you can cook for your hubby, do it for yourself
  3. Spend your money on an investment piece, even if it’s that ridiculously expensive car or gold pair of earrings you’ve been dreaming of since forever
  4. Pursue a new hobby, who knows maybe you’ll finally discover the artist within you
  5. Learn to say no without giving out explanations. Say no just because you don’t feel like it!
  6. But also learn how to say yes. Get out of your comfort zone every once in a while. It’s healthy
  7. Figure out how to enjoy your own company. Take a solo trip or two
  8. Spend time with your parents, maybe take a few days off work and travel somewhere
  9. Spend as much time as you can with your friends. Take some road trips. Go out dancing, or even better, stay in and sing your lungs out
  10. Face down one of your fears. Are you afraid of heights? Time to trek Mount Saint Catherine?
  11. Quit your boring ordinary job and start chasing your dream job, even if it feels absolutely unattainable
  12. Donate your time. Volunteering is one of the most self altering experiences in life, and there is no better time to do it except when you’re single
  13. Get your finances in order
  14. Break someone’s heart or even worse, get your heart broken
  15. Stay fit. Join the gym or take up a yoga class
  16. Work on yourself. What are your worst traits? How are you going to change them?
  17. Keep a diary, and write down every single detail about your life, even if it’s silly
  18. Take as many pictures with your family, friends and partner as you can
  19. Experiment a little bit. How about a wardrobe makeover?
  20. Dye your hair blue or any strange color
  21. Read a book
  22. Get inked!
  23. Ride a motorcycle! The social stigma is overrated anyway!
  24. Talk to a stranger
  25. Complete any course that you dream of. Take up photography or social media classes! Whatever you want!
  26. Own up to your mistakes. We’ve all done pretty nasty things in life, and sometimes it’s good to just sit down and have an honest conversation with ourselves
  27. Learn to dance. Any kind of dance. Tango, Salsa or belly dancing! You name it
  28. Learn a new language
  29. Stand up for yourself every once in a while. Has your boss been treating you badly?
  30. Take some time off your partner and figure out which do you enjoy more, spending time with him or alone?
  31. Start saving money for the big missteps you could face in life
  32. Make sure you’re getting married for the “RIGHT” reasons
  33. Stop keeping score between you and your partner. Whatever happened in the past is in the past
  34. Learn not to put your dirty laundry out for everyone to see
  35. Learn when to be silent, and when to withdraw from an argument
  36. Embrace your individuality
  37. Take yourself out to dinner or to the movies alone
  38. Learn how to fix things. Even if it’s as simple as changing the tire
  39. Stay single for at least one year
  40. Dump someone. We must learn how to let go of someone, before we let someone in
  41. Go on an unplanned road trip by yourself and see where the wind takes you
  42. Find a great circle of friends, that you can truly confide in
  43. Get lost metaphorically and literally
  44. Spend time with kids and little children. Believe it or not, they could teach you a lot about life
  45. Have a few wild nights. Maybe party out all night, even if you are not much of a party girl
  46. Find something that you are really good at, and do it for free
  47. Learn how to poach an egg
  48. Get a pet alone, and take care of it. Love it with all your heart
  49. Learn to love your body, before you ask him to
  50. Answer all the questions that pop up when someone asks you why marry “HIM”?
  51. Finish college, because your education matters
  52. Have a talk with your parents about your future husband, and see if they can raise any red flags
  53. Learn to do your laundry
  54. Read Jane Eyre
  55. Buy all the gadgets and things you need. You never know if your future husband will give you the luxury to do it after you’re married
  56. Binge watch all the TV series you always said you would watch. You might never get the time after marriage!
  57. Boycott technology for a week
  58. Have as many sleepovers with your girl friends as you possibly can
  59. Take up a defense class. Learn martial arts, maybe even kickboxing
  60. Meet a tourist through a travel app and show him around your country

Things to do with your future hubby

  1. Sit down with your future hubby, and figure out your priorities. Do you want kids? When?
  2. Plan your wedding smartly. You don’t have to go into debt for your so called dream wedding
  3. Accept that loving someone is the easy bit
  4. Call up your married friends, and ask them what to expect
  5. Make honesty your number one policy
  6. Have at least one big fight with your future husband. It’s important to know what you’re getting into
  7. Own a pet with your future hubby
  8. Make sure you have at least one thrilling travel story to share with your future kids
  9. Meet the parents, and really get to know them
  10. Spend time with your partner’s friends
  11. Make sure that both of you call up your exes and make peace. Maybe even, find closure
  12. Ask your friends to tell you their honest opinion about your partner and if they see the relationship working on the long run
  13. Talk goals with your partner. Understand what his priorities are and what he wants to achieve in life
  14. Go on a holiday with your partner. It will let you understand your relationship better
  15. Discuss kids names if you ever plan on having any
  16. Talk about dream travel destinations together
  17. Find out what your partner hates, and if you’re going to be able to avoid doing it
  18. Find out your other half’s stance on divorce
  19. Figure out what turns you on. Educate yourself! There is no shame in it
  20. Figure out the rules that you and your partner are going to live by
  21. Talk intimacy issues with your future hubby
  22. Learn if your partner is going to stand by you when it comes to family issues
  23. Learn about your partner’s health and if they have any genetic problems
  24. Discuss household responsibilities with your partner
  25. Schedule regular money talks that aren’t ridiculously boring or judgmental
  26. Indulge in your secret habit with your hubby, whatever that is. No judgments
  27. Talk honeymoon destinations, and what activities you would want to pursue
  28. Talk about life with your partner. Bring out one or two existential questions
  29. Make sure you trust your partner fully and completely. Can you picture yourself hanging by his hand on top of Mount Everest?
  30. Talk about traditions and celebrations that are absolutely important to you
  31. Make a list of cheap dates you and your partner could go on in the future
  32. Discuss politics with your partner. It’s important. You’ll be discussing it with him for the rest of your lives
  33. Find out how you both handle laundry
  34. Find out what dishes your partner likes or hates. Can you really live without Sushi in the house?
  35. Talk with your partner about religion and values, what you would like to be passed down to your kids
  36. Workout your couple issues before you get married. Better safe than sorry
  37. Cry your ugliest cry before your future husband! Let him know what he is getting into
  38. Go grocery shopping together
  39. Read a book about marriage together
  40. And finally, embrace whatever comes next in life!