Ten years ago, in 2009, Egypt was very different. So many things were trending at that time, as always. From the newest Star Academy season back then to the very weird fashion sense we all had and more.

We’ve decided to join the 10 Year Challenge everybody is on about these days and remind you of what Egypt was like in 2009 from every aspect: 

1. Vacations

Yes, now we do have Marassi, Hacienda, Amwaj and all of those hip beach resorts to visit and have fun in the summer. Most importantly, in order to go with the trend!

But back then, all we had was a few places that we loved till death and basically considered the most fun in the world in Alexandria, Sahel, Sharm El-Sheikh and El-Ain El-Sokhna.

– El Agamy

Egypt 2009

– Maraqya

Egypt 2009

– Marabella

Egypt 2009

– Sidi Kreir

Egypt 2009

– Neama Bay – Sharm El Sheikh

Egypt 2009

– Stella De Mare – El Ain El Sokhna

Egypt 2009

If you went to Dahab and Sinai at that time, you were probably considered a drug dealer! lol

2. Food

Remember Chili’s annoying birthday song with the molten cake (When it was bigger in size, of course)? As much as it’s annoying now, it was really fun back then. And when we felt all cool about ourselves going to Chili’s pretending it’s a bar! 


Egypt 2009

Well yeah, it’s definitely still trending.
But remember when they had corn? It was the best thing in the world back then! 


Egypt 2009

Forever and always! 


TGI Friday’s

3. Beauty and Fashion

The problem here is that we thought we looked cool rocking all that stuff; from the low waist jeans to the ugly cardigans and Crocs. But apparently, we now know we were not rocking anything at all.

– Baggy low waist jeans

Egypt 2009

– Cardigans

Egypt 2009
– Nike Air Max

– Adidas Originals by David Beckham

Egypt 2009
– Crocs

Egypt 2009
– Emo/Bieber cuts

Everybody definitely remembers the weird emo phase we all went through. With all the rock bands we started fangirling over to the trendy haircuts. But let’s admit, it was kinda cool back then!

– Shutter Shades

The colorful devils that made us look so fashionable and outstanding!

– Women’s short haircuts – Thin eyebrows

Needless to say, any woman in 2009 should have had a really short and trendy haircut and the thinnest eyebrows ever! And it still looked beautiful as well, then.

4. Outings

Sporting clubs all the way!

They were literally THE place to be in 2009! Meeting our friends in any of those clubs and playing cards or even Spin the Bottle was all that we could be looking forward to all week!

– Shooting Club

Egypt 2009

– El Gezira Club

Egypt 2009

– El Ahly Club

Egypt 2009

5. The Night Life:

Going to Hard Rock, Crepaway or Buddha Bar made us feel like we’re on top of the ‘outings’ world! Are we wrong? We loved to think we were so cool and up to date going with our friends to these places and lighting our cigarettes!

– Hard Rock Cafe (Sharm El Sheikh)

– Crepaway (Near Four Seasons, Giza)

– Buddha Bar (Sofitel El Gezira)

6. Western Entertainment

In 2009, so many western trends were all over us and as always we had to click with some of them! It was like a lifestyle honestly. From Avril Lavigne and her emo princess persona to the deep and dark Evanescence! And who could forget the whole Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian trend? Well, Kim is still relevant though!

-The Emo lifestyle

– Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian

– Avatar

-The Twilight Saga: New Moon

What do you guys think of this trip down 2009’s memory lane? If you remember anything else, leave it in the comments section to add it to the list!