Layaly Eugenie

We don’t want to jinx it, but come on Dhafer and Amina in one series, it’s bound to be great. Just looking at the billboards of ‘Layaly Eugenie’ (They are everywhere!), and the costumes, you feel like it’s ‘Grand Hotel’ all over again.

Let’s not waste time, since we are only a few hours away from the start of Ramadan, and dig into the juicy details. Here are 11 facts we know so far about ‘Layaly Eugenie’:

Fact #1 The name of the series changed from “Akasia” to “Layaly Eugenie.”

Fact #2 The opening title “Hobby Leek” is performed by Nesma Mahgoub.

Fact #3 Dhafer plays Dr. Farid who had to marry his late brother’s widow, Aida (Karmen Basis) to shelter his brother’s two kids.

Fact #4 Amina Khalil plays Cariman, a middle class girl married to Ismail (Khaled Kamal), a rich feudal man.

Fact #5 The story takes place between Cairo, Port Said & Port Fouad.

Fact #6 The series is directed by Hany Khalifa, and the script is written by Ingy EL Kasem and Samaa Ahmed Abd-El-Khalik.

Fact #7 Ingy El Mokadem learned Italian in two month to be able to play her character Sofia.

Fact #8 The story takes place in 1946, right after the Second World War.

Fact #9  Cariman (Amina Khalil) suffers from her husband’s jealousy. He hid their Kid to pressure her and find out if she is having an affair. The dispute escalates between them until she kills him by mistake (or so she thought). She decides to escape and hide in another city, Port Fouad.

Fact #10 The cast consists of Ingy El Mokadem, Khaled Kamal, Layala Ezz El Din and Mariam El Khesht.

Fact #11 The name of the series originates from Eugenie De Monito, the Empress of France.

Stay tuned for our updates and coverage folks!