woman watching movies

If you’ve recently been broken-hearted, you might be seriously tempted to drown your sorrows in wine and spirits, but they may not really help. Actually, they can only make things much worse. You know what the best solution is to mend your broken heart? Watching movies!

Some people get extra emotional and extra dramatic when they breakup. Indulging in a jar of Nutella while curled up in their Pj’s in front of an ugly cry movie can be their best getaway.

Below are some movies you’ll love watching when you’re broken-hearted:

1- The Notebook


Allie and Noah’s love story will take you to another world full of love, loss and tears. Well, don’t forget to keep a large box of tissues handy.

2- Titanic


I’m sorry to include this movie on the list, but I know you need it. It’s the perfect movie to squeeze out all of your tears.

3- The Vow


This movie will show you what love and sacrifice are really about. The things Leo has done for Paige, with all his patience and support, will leave you lost in your thoughts.

4- P.S I Love You


If Holly could move on and continue her journey in life after the death of her husband, Gerry, so will you.

5- 500 Days of Summer


This off beat romantic comedy about a woman who doesn’t believe that true love exists, and the young man who falls for her, will make you look at relationships from another perspective.

6- Eat, Pray, Love


Just because you love someone, doesn’t mean they will always love you back, and just because you share common interests, doesn’t mean you’re a perfect match. In this movie, Liza will show you how to lead the journey of self discovery.

7- Sliding Doors

sliding doors

In this Gwyneth Paltrow love story, you’ll learn that when one door closes, another opens. That’s a good mantra to have after a sad end to what you thought was a good relationship.

8- One Day


Emma and Dexter’s story will show you that you can never run away from your destiny.


Enough with the drama and tears, it’s time to keep it a little bit light and boost the mood.

9- The Sweetest Thing

the sweetest thing

Most women love this movie. Although the story is pretty much played out, the in-between is so good.

10- Bridget Jones’ Diary


Many women can relate to this movie, as Bridget is a self-involved woman concerned with her weight, appearance and securing a boyfriend. Bridget’s experiences would definitely get you out of the mood, thinking that your own situation is still way better than others.

11- Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants


Where would you be without your girlfriends? There’s nothing like talking with your lady pals after a break-up. They really get you through tough times, don’t they?