We always want to simplify our lives and find easy, effective solutions. Here are 10 unique life hacks that are funny yet very clever.

1. Cheat in Style

Tired of taking notes in class? Here’s a little hack that your teacher would never notice.

2. Grilled Cheese

No microwave? No problem! Turn your toaster sideways for a perfectly grilled cheese sandwich.

4. “Never fly low again”

With this easy trick using a small key ring, you can ensure that your zipper will never fall down in public again!

5. Gum Problems

Have a toddler who always gets gum stuck in his hair? (Don’t give him any more gum!) This simple hack takes a few seconds to work. Dip the sticky hair in Coca Cola to easily remove the gum.

6. Indoor Slide

Here’s a parenting hack that is safe, fun and can make your child really happy. Use carton boxes to create an indoor slide.

7. Save Your Hands

When has frying become so frustrating? Sometimes oil splatter gets too much, and the only way to enjoy the pleasure of cooking is to find a solution… Need I say more?

8. Organize Your Lids

We all come across this problem, the lids *always* take up too much space in the cabinet. The OCD people will love this, because putting the lids on towel racks couldn’t be more satisfying.

9. Hold Up Your Boots

Sometimes the material doesn’t hold up and our boots end up with a permanent crease. Instead of buying a product to solve this problem, you can easily solve it with things you already have lying around. Cut up a pool noodle or cardboard tubes, place them inside your boots et voila!

10. Background Hack

This is for all the beauty bloggers out there who always want new innovative ideas to style their make up photos. If you don’t have a rug or a fluffy pillow to use as background, your pets could be of great help.

11. Work With What You Have

Now here’s a statement that can also be interpreted in a deep sense “you can’t always be perfect so sometimes you have to work with what you’ve got”.