It is the era of the amazing technologies and specifically applications, yet we can’t find lots of the inventions that we actually need. We can find robots wanting to live the human life, aircrafts going to other planets and cars parking themselves, yet not the things that we’d die for.

Scientists, developers, and smart people need to start working on these applications to make our lives easier. 

#1: An application that helps you find things you’ve lost, especially phones on silent

Who doesn’t lose his phone when on silent, the remote control, car keys or even his eyeglasses? We are all guilty of that!

 #2: Shazam for Perfumes

Don’t let us wonder in pain the name of that amazing perfume that we once smelled.

#3: Teleportation Application Instead of Uber/Careem

Imagine that you are in New Cairo and want to go to Zamalek and all you have to do is choose your location on an application and then in a matter of seconds you are just there.

You don’t have to wait for your Uber ride or even stay in busy streets. Magical!!

#4: Money Tracker

We’d be having a fortune if there was an application that tracked all the money we lost, including cash, especially coins. Who can be Sawiras Noooowww!

#5: Mute for People or Background Noise

This could save us from the neverending fights and yelling by our boyfriends/girlfriends or even parents. Just mute, nod and act as if you feel guilty. Would work every time!

#6: A Fast-forward/backward or Undo Buttons for Life

Undo your sh*tty doings, fast forward to know how great your life would be and backward buttons to visit those great memories you can’t stop thinking about. Better than a movie!

#7: A Drama Radar

Imagine if you can identify that this person is a drama queen before even knowing them. You’d be sitting across the table, refresh the application and boom points at that drama queen sitting next to you! Would save you a lot of drama!!

#8: Delete Option for People and Memories

You know how you wish you would have never met this person? Well, this technology is needed. Please! No more pictures, memories or even feelings! Your ex is technically nonexistent to you… Imagine that.

#9: A Love Cupid Application

All you have to do is just enter the name of the crush and suddenly a full-time FBI agent is working to update you with all your crush’s whereabouts, his location, new pictures, stories, posts on all of his social media accounts and even feelings detector.

It can even help you put a plan to make them fall for you!

#10: The Name of the Person You Just Met Application

You know when you just meet an attractive woman/man and you don’t even know their names. Well, this application would get you details about that person just like the ‘people you might know’ section on Facebook.

#11: A Memory Stick for Your Brain

We’ve probably eaten lots and lots of nuts yet we still have a sucky memory. Installed memory stick for our brains will do the trick!

You’d be helping humanity if you can invent any of these technologies. Take our ideas for free, but help us survive. Please.