Remember how life was easy back then. Remember how we used to laugh our hearts out on any silly joke. We take you back in time, back in memory lane maybe we can put back a smile on your face. Smile to the world with these memorable moments of the early 2000s. Here are 11 things 90’s born will relate To:

1- Alarm Clocks:

Alarm Clock

At a certain point in time, we actually used Alarm Clocks and not mobiles to wake up! Some of them were so cool that you could even make your favourite FM radio channel, your alarm tone.

2- Gel bracelets:

Gel bracelets

It first started spreading as the yellow ones in 2004 when Lance Armstrong started his cancer awareness campaign. Later on, each colour was given a meaning or a message. Yellow was hope, purple was love, pink was faith.. etc.

3- Roller-Blades Shoes (Heelys):


Because going out with patinage ‘batinag’ was a hassle, these were normal sports shoes and with a press of a  button BAM you are rolling in the mall, at your friends’ house, or even on the sidewalk.

4- First Mobile with Camera:

Nokia 7650

Yup, you guessed it right! Nokia 7650; the sliding huge phone with its 3.4 MB storage space and o,3 megapixel camera.

5- Hi5:

Hi5 Logo

The first successful social network in Egypt (Second after MySpace).

Pro tip: Go search for your friends’ Hi5 profiles. Most people forgot to deactivate when we shifted to Facebook and their profiles will be full of blackmailing material.

6- Scooters:


Probably the reason of that scar on your knees. The dangerously-not-safe “toy” we had. Too bad ripped-knees-jeans weren’t in fashion at the time.

7- Missed Calls:

1 missed call

With Mobinil and Click charging 1.75 pounds per minute, it was the cheapest way to tell your high school-lover that you are home or it’s time to go.

8- PlayStation 1:

Spyri Game

Winning Eleven 3 playstation 1

That was OUR video gaming console! That was shit! With mainly two popular games: Winning Eleven 3 for guys and Spyro for the ladies.

9- Water tattoo gum:

Candy-Fusen-Gum water tattoo

You could never tell what the picture was after applying it, though that never stopped us from buying and applying them every-single-day.

10- Pop a Point Pencils:

Pop a point pencil

They were called el 2alam abo snoon keteer. They were awesome but if you lose one of them they are only good for spitballs.

11- Nokia N-Gage:

Nokia N-Gage

Released in 2003, the phone was the bomb! Obviously my parents didn’t get me one 3shan 3nyek ya 7abeby.



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