There are certain things only sisters get about one another. Particularly Egyptian sisters. They share love, advice, secrets, a room, a house, a wardrobe, shoes, and the list goes on. They’re the kind of siblings who’d gladly risk taking a test for the other [shout out to all the identical twins out there]. This one is for you amazing sisters.

1. You both are your worst blackmailers

You’re each other’s secret keeper no doubt until an argument gets underway and you start threatening one another, or worse, shouting off secrets while arguing in front of your mom!

2. You’re each other’s best third wheel

Need to go meet that hottie you’re interested in? No worries, just tell your parents you’re going out with your sister. Skeptical of a certain date? Just drag your sister along. Need a second opinion about a guy? Sister is there! Perfect third wheeler.

3. You have each other’s back no matter what

She’ll make up the biggest lies, fight the biggest fights and maybe even kill someone just to protect you. We’re dead serious.

4. You both are each other’s meanest fashion police

You’ll be all dressed and ready and she’ll be like “eh el**** eli enty labsa da”. You’ll obediently go change because she always has your best interest at heart, and deep down you knew it was a bad fashion choice anyway.

5.  You are each other’s wardrobe parasite

You’re always drawn to pulling out something from her closet to compliment your outfit. It’s just human nature. You’ll probably fight about it, but you’ll hold your rights to her closet through sweat and blood. Cling on pretty parasites!

6. The older sister’s friends are everyone’s friends

Since the start it’s the older sister who has to take her baby siblings with her wherever she goes. Her friends know the youngsters since they were in braces. They love them all. Older sister rarely hangs out with younger sister’s friends, too childish for her. It’s the rule of existence and that’s how it’s always going to be.

7. She’s always the excuse for all your mistakes

The Kardashians before riches

You left the bedroom in a mess, but she did it first. You didn’t do the laundry, why can’t she do it this time?! You have a bad habit, well so does she! The never-ending cycle of excuses in the form of sisters.

8. She’s your primary rival to the driver’s seat

If you ever try going somewhere with your parents’ car or perhaps they got you girls one to “share” – as if that’s possible –  you’ll probably be fighting about who’s going to drive every single time!

9. She’s your best and worst roommate

When she wants to stay up with the lights on and you want them off, you’ll fight and hate one another. Other times you’ll stay up all night gossiping, enjoying hot chocolate and each other’s company.

10. You sisters are your own gang

You always team up against the men in the house. If the family is going out to dinner, you girls team up against your dad or bro. Of course you girls are united about where you want to go and you’re going there. Men in the house can step down, ‘cause these girls rule the household.

11. You’ll never hate or love anyone as much as her

No one knows how to get on your nerves or annoy you as much as her, and no one knows exactly how to make you laugh as much as her. She’s the one who can make you cry, but still always be your shoulder to cry on. It’s a twisted love/hate relationship that you’re blessed to have forever.

To all the amazing sisters out there, we truly hope you enjoyed this. Don’t forget to share it with the sister who is as amazing as you are.