There are plenty of articles that talk to us about how to deal with introverts and all the problems they face. Guess what? Extroverts have their own share of problems too! 

1- Dealing with introverts

You are constantly expected to tip toe around introverts because they’re the ones who supposedly have it “harder”. God forbid you date an introvert and you wanna hang out with them when they need their “alone time”. They’ll disappear on you faster than the weekend after a long week :'( .

2- Money

It tends to be expensive to hang out with people especially here in Cairo where every other place has a minimum charge or an entry fee. Most outings revolve around food as well and that can make it even more challenging.


3- Being friends with everyone

You tend to be nice and social with everyone and so you end up having a lot of friends. Or more like have a lot of people who think you’re close friends, even if you’re just acquaintances.


4- Focus

You constantly feel the need to balance between the work you have to do and the amount of socializing you need. It can be really difficult when you need to work but have the urge to recharge by being around people!


5- Talking out your problems

Some people figure out how to solve their problems by talking it out. When it comes to extroverts, we tend to constantly talk about them, with everyone! It’s our need to share that drives us to do this.


6- When everyone is busy

Finding no one to hang out with can be an extrovert’s worst nightmare! You will have all these urges to interact with human beings, but no human beings to interact with! Can anything possibly be sadder than that?! 🙁


7- People expect you to say yes to everything

When you’re not in a great mood or just don’t feel like doing something, people will tend to take personal offence. Yes, you are an extrovert, but life can sometimes get in the way of being social.


8- Fear of missing out

If you have several friend groups who just happen to be doing stuff at the same time, you will go to extreme measures to make sure you don’t miss out on either even if it means driving all the way from one end of the city to another. Of course, you’ll end up spending most of your time in the car, but at least you made it to both events!


9- Articles about how to deal with introverts

Sure articles about extroverts exist, but the amount of articles guiding readers on how to deal with introverts are all over the internet! How about they learn how to deal with us for a change?!


10-  You’re not romanticized 

Introverts are constantly seen as the wise quiet ones who are shunned by society. That makes them the special misunderstood diamond in the rough, while they’re stuck with the negative connotations of being social and popular.

11- You still need alone time

Even though we thrive on social interaction, extroverts still need alone time. We can be comfortable being by ourselves and might sometimes like it!


Just because we’re able to socialize with people and do what is considered more socially acceptable, it doesn’t make us any less special or worth learning about.