Never underestimate the power of cartoons; that’s a lesson we must all live by. Parents…never keep your children from watching animated films; it’s no waste of time. While watching their favorite cartoon show, young ones adopt many fruitful things. Sometimes they talk and behave in the same manner as their favorite characters; it also enhances their imagination.

Each and every character from Walt Disney Studios has left its imprint on us while we were kids. Let’s revisit some of these imprints and go through the things we learned from our favorite characters…

  1. Cindrella


Life isn’t fair, but if you fight back, the odds will turn in your favor.

2. Simba 


The loss of a parent is earth shattering, but life goes go on. At some point, you should learn to deal and live with it.

3. Quasimodo


Heartbreak isn’t the end of the road.

4. Belle

You must look beyond what you can see and take the time to get to know people, because the exterior is a just a facade.

5. Woody


Always fight for what you love…

6. Rapunzel

Real life starts when you step outside your comfort zone.

7. Tarzan

Sometimes, you can give up everything for the one you love, like Jane did for Tarzan.

8. Mulan


Every girl has a bold side that comes out when the necessity arises.


9. Pongo


Your dog is the friend that will always have you back.


10. Pooh

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 3.28.57 AM

A little consideration, a little thought, makes all the difference.

11. Buzz

toy story

Always believe in who you are.