It’s summer time, and we all know what that means. Trips with friends and family. A couple of months back, we shared with you a list of people you should never travel with.  Now, we’re compiling another list about the different types of people you have deal with on a trip. We’re sure there are more than 11 types, so feel free to share with us any you can think of. Which one are you?


The one who’s always hungry

No matter what’s going on, they’re always whining about food. During breakfast, they’ll ask what’s for lunch. After breakfast, they’ll complain about being hungry. You’ll always see them eating or expressing their need to eat. They’ll eat anything, anytime.


The DJ

They take care of the trip’s play list. You always see them holding speakers in their hands; they’re committed to providing the best musical experience for everyone. “3awzeen tesma3o eh?”



The bartender

The one in charge of all the cocktails; always has an icebox nearby and cares too much about ice. “Fein el kobbayat?



The driver

The poor fella/gal that gets stuck driving everyone around or running all the errands. They take everyone wherever they need to go and are considered the trip’s official transportation sponsor.


The cook

The cook who has the answer to one of the most important questions: “hanakol eh enaharda?”

They make and/or oversee the preparation of all meals. The trip’s chef is a crucial member of the group; they make all food-related decisions and we’re eternally grateful for them.


The one who’s always cleaning

Their obsessive-compulsive tendencies cause them to never stop cleaning, no matter what the time is or what’s going on. They make everyone on the trip follow a strict cleaning routine which actually prevents things from turning into an absolute messy chaos. “Matkhoshesh el chalet law reglak 3aleha ramla.”


The loud one

El bani2adam el dayman 3amel ez3ag. Their energy is both annoying and refreshing. They’re like an exploding ball of loud singing, screaming and playing. They’re definitely a special addition to the trip.


The one who always wants to sleep

Their constant default state is either sleepy or sleeping.



The one who never wants to sleep

They’re probably the same person as the loud one. Their energy makes them never want to spend a dull minute. They always want to do something and don’t mind staying up all night and waking up very early; “YALLA KOLENA NETTABBA2!!!”

Betgeebo el taka di menein?


The one who suffers from FOMO

The fear of missing out is a phenomenon known as “FOMO”. The person who suffers from FOMO will fight every urge that will take them away from the group or cause them to miss out on the fun.


The one who was practically not there

They’re so calm and of so little words, that nobody really notices they were there.