Concerts, no matter who the artist, despite the price and in spite of the venue, are bound to have the same mix of people in the crowd. It’s a rule of thumb that you will come across certain types of people at any type of concert. Just like any high-school around the world has the same stereotypical groups of teenagers, concerts have these different variety of people: 

1- The ones with their mobile phones raised at all times 

They stand in front of you with their fingers glued to their phone and their phones raised in the air, because they want to record the whole concert and most likely relive it later on. Please put that damn phone down and enjoy the LIVE concert! The quality of your video won’t be THAT good anyway so you might as well.

2- The ones you know only came with their friends and aren’t fans 

They were probably dragged to the concert by a friend who is a fan but was looking for company. They are either standing next to their friend smiling and trying to make the best out of the night or looking around, studying people and being a sour-puss.

3- The ones who politely nod, sway and enjoy their time

These are normal people who stand with a smile on their faces and quietly sway to the music. They are there to enjoy the music, but don’t want to make a big fuss out of it. At the same time, they are engaging with the band. They can be die hard fans or they can be newbies, we will never know.

4- The ones who spill their drinks all over 

These ones are the worst. During a concert where drinks are allowed, there is always this person who thinks they can maneuver their way through the crowd carrying a bunch of drinks without spilling it all over people in the process. But guess what? they’re usually always wrong.

5- The ones who don’t know the lyrics

You can see their lips moving and they look like they’re singing along with every song but if you take a closer look, you will discover that their lips don’t really match the words being sung.

6- The ones who shout and sing from the bottom of their hearts aka the true fans

Every artist has a solid fan following so it’s natural that every concert you will attend will have die hard fans of the artist in the crowd. They are the ones who probably have the best time of all in the concert. They know all the lyrics and will be screaming their lungs out the entire time!

7- The dancers 

Whether they know the artist performing or not, some people are just naturally happy on life. You’ll never catch them complaining or asking to leave. They will just be dancing around, swaying to the music and if they do indeed know the artist, they will also be singing along.

8- The judgementals 

I would probably fall under this category given that I am writing this article! Basically, the judgementals are there to scrutinize what everybody else is doing!

9- The conjoined twins couple 

Either he is standing next to her with his arm around her waist the entire time or he is standing behind her with his arms wrapped around her waist, also the entire time. They sway, look into each other’s eyes, sway then look into each other’s eyes, etc.

10- The ones who are there to pick up a girl 

Seriously. Give it up. Give it a rest. Take a break. You must be tired. It’s exhausting. Not now. Go home. Sleep. Don’t be that guy.

11- The ones who stand still the entire time 

Some people are just always unimpressed, no matter what they see or hear. They will be standing still with their arms crossed the entire time. I mean, if you’re gonna pay anyway to go to the concert, you might at least try to muster up some enthusiasm.

Are there any other types I missed? Feel free to share more in the comments below!