Self-care is a dying, unappreciated art. It’s very easy for us to get caught up in the daily grind at work and with our families. However, we must not forget that in order to make others happy, we must be happy first.

It’s not about being selfish but rather more about recharging yourself. No one knows how to pamper you better than yourself. So, why not start 2019 with a little self spoiling? Better yet, how about we help you out by suggesting some ideas to self-gift yourself?

1- Buy That Accessory That You Fancy

“No Ragrets!”

One of the struggles of adulthood is that you may find yourself prioritizing; maybe this cute ring can wait a bit? Maybe I don’t need to get this scarf?

Well guess what? Sometimes, you do NEED to get this scarf or this ring! Seriously, life is too short to not self-gift yourself with the necessary bling bling!

2- Books, Books, and More Books

Avid readers consider every book a treat. That’s why every book they buy is basically a gift they get themselves.
Book prices can be a little too much and even the book fair—that most of us await from a year to year—has been relocated. Don’t let this stop you from buying a book. It’s never too much!

Every book is a 15 x 23 cm box of an adventure that is waiting to happen for you.

3- Buy These Fancy New Headphones

“Thank you, next!”

You may see them around when you’re looking for a new cable or screen protector. You know what? A 2000+ EGP for a headphone may seem a bit much, but it’s somewhat doable. If you started budgeting early in 2019, you may be able to put a little something on the side to buy a luxury item.
What’s a better luxury than blasting the Bohemian Rhapsody on brand new earphones?

4- Spa & Massage Day

This one speaks for itself; a relaxing massage can be the best gift you give yourself. It’s often theorized that if everyone got free massages, the world will enter an eternal era of world peace.

5- Take Out Dinner from Your Favorite Place

Maybe it was a long day at work, or a long week trying to sort itself out. But finally, you find yourself home and feeling too lazy to make yourself dinner —or you just don’t want to eat besela.

“Oh c’mon!”

Sure, it may not be wallet-friendly or diet-friendly to order some takeout, but once a month (ahem, week?) won’t hurt, right?

6- Go Shopping; The Cure of All Ailments

Shopping is the world’s number one self-care exercise. A new shirt or dress can make all the difference in the day.
Sure, you may end up doubling your credit limit or having to apply for a bank loan, but it’s all worth it, right?

7- A Camping, Hiking, or Road Trip…Basically, a Getaway Trip

Cairo’s pace and traffic can be maddening and I’m not saying that it makes you sympathize with serial killers, but it sort of makes you understand their reasons…?

“An image showing an average Egyptian commuter”

And since no one likes serial killers, maybe it would be a good idea to plan a nice getaway with your friends. An adventure in the wilderness is surely a welcomed refresher; being able to relieve the city stress can help you put things into perspective.

8- Take a Self-Care Day Off

What if you don’t have the time or don’t feel active enough to go on this adventure? What if you are not that big on adventures altogether?
Again, no one likes serial killers; therefore, you can resort to a better, easier, and much cheaper alternative. Just take a day-off; you don’t want to go crazy.

“An image showing an average Egyptian commuter with no vacations”

Don’t run any errands. Just have a day for yourself, a day to love and care for yourself. Even if you ran out of vacations for this year, an unpaid leave can pay off a lot.

9- Get a Makeover Haircut; Give Yourself a New Look

A new year, a new haircut, a new me…Maybe you postponed going for a makeover for too long. It could be a nice thing to try to wear your hair differently.
Live a little. What’s the worst that could happen?

“A lot. A lot can happen…”

10- Tickets to a Concert (See Your Favorite Band/Artist Live)

You can’t describe a concert; you can only experience it. A ticket to your favorite artist or band’s gig may break the bank, but it would be fun beyond description—even if you are going by yourself. Remember that self-care day?

11- A Netflix Subscription

We saved the best for last. How about finally getting this long-awaited Netflix subscription? Watch unlimited shows, movies or series on your mobile or laptop for only 200 EGP per month. It’s basically a bargain compared to what you get in return.

So what if you break the bank a little bit? Caring for yourself comes first; you can’t give from an empty cup. Make sure that yours is full.

“Responsibly, mind you…”