Back when dial up was our only option, when we had to beg our mums for hours to convince them of the wonders of the world wide web, we would memorize dial up numbers of favorite websites like the ones below. 

1- Miniclip


Everyone’s favorite game website is still going strong today. I’m sure you still pay it a visit when you’re bored every now and then, this time with proper internet!

2- Barbie


What’s better than the doll you were so obsessed with? A website entirely dedicated to her obviously. No girl is innocent from wasting hours dressing her Barbie up for a date with Ken.

3- Disney Channel


Whether it was Kim Possible’s Buenos Nachos game or the addicting Lilo and Stitch Sandwich Stacker, Disney brought us some of the best games around, some of which are still entertaining till this very day!

4- Zwinky

unnamedAs a kid, what was better than living your own virtual life where you got to be whoever you wanted? Nothing. In Zwinky, you got to do that, dress up and socialize with strangers. Let’s be honest; there was no escaping Zwinky with its ads everywhere!

5- Club Penguin 


Club Penguin was just as addictive. You had your own igloo and your own pet. What more can you ask for?!

6- Akinator 


The unbeatable genie is still around and is just as smart as ever. Go ahead, visit the site now and let him guess your favorite character!

7- Cleverbot


Bored? None of your friends are on MSN? Cleverbot is your friend! Your favorite artificial intelligence is there for you until they sign back in.

8- Peter Answers


Pranking your friends has never been so fun. Trick them by having Peter Answers give them the information YOU want!

9- Hi 5

This represented the pre-Facebook era of social media. Hi5 never stood a chance when Facebook came around. We will never forget our first social media profile though!

10- Omegle


For some reason, we didn’t understand that stranger danger also applies to the internet. Omegle was a fun way to interact as long as you stayed away from the camera chat side of it!

11- Quizilla


Personality quizzes and pre fan fiction. Who didn’t want to find out what emo guy you will end up with or what your princess name was? Quizilla was the perfect source for all your quiz desires.

Most of these websites are still functioning. Head on over and be nostalgic because nothing was better than good old internet days!