still me

By Rana Ramez

There she is, Jojo Moyes, amazingly striking us again with her recently released book ‘Still Me’. Following the number one international bestsellers of ‘Me Before You’, that turned into a movie, and ‘After You’, the book is the third novel featuring our beloved much missed heroine Louisa Clark. In the previous book, Lou hadn’t actually found herself the way Will Traynor would have liked her to. So here she is again, going through a new adventure and navigating through events and interactions with her habitual clumsiness, pure heart and loving spirit. If you didn’t have the chance to read it yet, keep reading to know why you should.

1-The writing style will take you elsewhere

Jojo Moyes, the English journalist who became romance novelist and screenwriter, is one of very few authors to have won twice the Romantic Novel of the Year Award. Her novels had been translated into 28 languages. As described by the Daily Mail, the book is “Wonderfully written and completely engrossing, with exquisitely drawn characters in a brilliantly plotted narrative.” The language used is easy, inviting readers into the story and her style of writing is naturally flowing with humor and unknown expected conflict. Furthermore, Jojo Moyes is a master storyteller that can make you laugh and cry on the same page.

2-You fall for Lou Clark and there is nothing you can do

If that didn’t already happen to you from the two previous books, which is highly doubtful, this novel will definitely bring down your walls. You just cannot help it; Lou is a great fun mix. She is silly yet brilliant; naturally funny with a pure heart.You will feel reunited with an old friend who has an eccentric sense of fashion. She was successfully able to keep her upbeat character, adorable personality and amazing sense of humor, while she is going through a process of self- growth and healing. In addition to that, your affection towards her grows uncontrollably when she finds herself in a world where her kindness is either mocked or overlooked.

3-The complexity of feelings

While reading the book, you will experience a roller-coaster of feelings and emotions. It will make you laugh out loud hysterically, weep like a baby and shatter your faith in love before building it all over again. The storytelling is very real-life like; it’s joyful, funny, humorous yet sad, heartbreaking and sorrowful. It shows the different aspects of life of the main character, her assorted interactions, how she is struggling with keeping her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend back in England on one hand, and how she is worrying about her growing friendship with her employer on the other hand. The story presents a tender, heart-warming and hopeful look at life.  Besides that, ‘Still Me’ shows the progression of moving forward and taking risks.

4-Non-avoided aftermath

Not like many other writers, the author of ‘Me Before You’ was not afraid to tackle the aftermath of her first book. She was bold enough to let us explore how Lou’s life has changed after the heartbreaking end of book one. And now she does it again by sending our Lou to a new adventure to the United States, where her enthusiasm from one side and her struggles from the other side are skillfully drawn.

5-Blending worlds

As she comfortably managed before to bring people from different backgrounds and diverse social classes together, the writer was perfectly capable of blending two different worlds together in her latest book. This was clearly witnessed through the heroine’s adventure from London to New York, where two diversified worlds came together. Moreover, the description of New York City by Clark’s fresh eyes is so amusing that you will feel you’re already there in the same moment.

6-No need to read ‘After You’

If you haven’t read ‘After You’ (book 2) yet, you can jump directly to ‘Still Me’ without feeling lost. The book will still make perfect sense as a direct follow-up to ‘Me Before You’. The heroine’s mind, registering her senses in the first chapter, will take readers directly to her world and will make them see the world through her eyes.

7-And if you already did and hated it, here’s a second chance

Basically, many readers and reviews have claimed that though they loved ‘Me Before You’, the book ‘After You’ was not as enjoyable as its previous one since many events were predictable and opinionated. So here’s another chance for you all to visit the world of Lou Clarke and her everyday ups and downs once again, in a very different setting, with new characters.

8-But most importantly, do not compare

One thing that might leave you really disappointed is comparing ‘Me Before You’ to ‘Still Me’. Look at it as a completely different book with the presence of some familiar characters, without any expectations. But if you are expecting another ‘Me Before You’, you will only feel frustrated reading ‘Still Me’. ‘Me Before You’ was the most deep and dramatic chapter of Louisa’s life. But this sequel affirms that life goes on beyond the perfect ending.

As Emilia Clarke, the star of ‘Me Before You’ movie, assured, the newly released book is a must-read. With her honesty, humor and empathy about what it is to be human, Jojo had managed – as usual – to bring a big smile on her face. This book is a romantic fiction where romance is not the central point. It is more about overcoming obstacles than finding love. Our dear Louisa Clark goes through it wearing her big smile on her face, her heart on her sleeves and her bumble bee tights on her legs. If you are a fan of both Jojo Moyes and ‘Me Before You’, this is your book. It is surely the perfect choice if you are looking for a light, fun, fast and uplifting read.