nada akram

NADA AKRAM is a young fashion brand created by the Egyptian talented designer Nada Akram. Launched in 2011 on social platforms as a startup later it turned to a registered company in 2016.

The brand identity is redesigning authentic Egyptian/Middle Eastern ย identity ย and turn it toย  modern creative designs

Nada Akram designs her own unique textile to boldly show the colorful identity of the brand.
Nada’s exceptional designs are created for a daring woman, personifying her original and charismatic sense of style, women who are proud of their authentic middle eastern identity.
From pop art, colorful skirt &dresses ย which are so playful, a playful yet happy state of mind for all those who wear her creations.

The brand slogan is โ€œ redesigning the culture โ€œ


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