We all love our hijab, we embrace it, but sometimes things can get a little messy before going out to the outside world.

 Which hijab wrap to go with.

Choosing the wrap can be like choosing whether to drink water today or not. It’s a matter of life and death.

Putting on eyeliner can be a nightmare.

So you’re in a hurry and you have to put on make-up really fast. And for some reason, your eyeliner extends to your hijab, and now, you’re stuck with a stain, either you’ll have to change the hijab or just wash it off, which could take more time than you think.

When you decide to give your mom a goodbye hug, and you can’t let go.

Because your pins got stuck in her dress, now you’ll need intervention from other people.

Baby Hair, don’t you dare.

So you know when your hair is so frizzy and can’t be tamed. You’ll have to do anything for the hijab to not look like your head is planet earth, and for your hair to remain covered.

You’re running in and out of the bathroom, then surprise a male guest has arrived.

You know when your mom comes in almost running telling you, the electrician is going to check the TV in your room, so you’ll have to put something on your head or hide somewhere… Today she forgot to let you know, and now you’ll have to evaporate, or choose the towel to be your new hijab- “Anything can and will be a Hijab”.

Deciding whether to put on your hijab while having a really good hair day.

You got this new amazing haircut today or recently dyed it, you decided to straighten your hair, or just curled it up perfectly…But you know you’ll have to put-on your hijab eventually, right? *Now What*

Losing your pins almost anywhere.

Sometimes you lose them when you desperately need them right before the outing.


Then you start tracking your pins which could be ANYWHERE.

Your bed, your t-shirt or your friend’s blouse, your bag, the papers in your hands, the rug…almost anything can be a pins’ magnet.

Making sure your whole face will get tanned.

The hijab covers only some parts of your face, so you can’t get a regular tan like everyone else’s. Yours will be more of a lines tan, like a weird pattern…So it takes a lot of time to adjust hijabs to make sure this won’t happen.

When it’s expected to rain, specific material hunting begins.

You can choose a material that won’t absorb water as fast as others. And the hijab will end-up in the wash after all.

Making sure your Hijab won’t slip-off.

You start laughing way too hard, get your sister or mother to start pulling it down. Whatever it takes to make sure that even if someone fell and held onto your hijab it won’t come off. *Don’t freak out*

Putting your headphones before wearing the hijab.

Sometimes having to put headphones on can be a real struggle. So you’ll have to make sure they’re placed nicely before completely ruining your hijab while battling to find your ears.

Having millions of scarfs, hundreds of colors.

And still you can’t choose the right one, you want another material of that same color, or another pattern…and end up wearing one particular hijab that you’ve been using all week.

Eating before going out.

While eating your favorite snack, or any food, and it lands on your hijab. It saved your clothes, but what about that stain!

So the next time your Hijabi friend comes an hour late, don’t give her a hard time, you have no idea what just happened.