Do you know the common saying ‘Everything isn’t always what it seems’? That saying is quite true! It applies on emojis too! According to the most popular emoji references websites, such as Emojipedia, LifeWire, FunAlive; the graphic designers while creating some of the emojis had different meanings for them in mind, other than the common meanings we, the users, gave to these emojis! So let us share with you the actual shocking meanings of some common emojis.

1- Person With Folded Hands 

Let’s start with the emoji that divided people on its meaning. A group of people believe this is a high five, while others think it’s a praying gesture. The second group got it right, according to emojipedia. This emoji is inspired by the Japanese ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ gesture, and is indeed a praying gesture.

2. Karate Gesture? 

According to FunAlive website, this is not Karate or someone who’s fighting, it’s a “No good gesture” expression. We bet you’re surprised by now.


3- Evil Mask or the Devil?

Both are wrong. This emoji actually represents an Ogre called Namahage in Japanese folklore that words off evil spirits from home.



4- Shooting Star?

Shooting start? We don’t think so. Some people used this emoji as a shooting star, others think it’s a hope symbol, but actually it’s a dizzy symbol.


5- Oops? 

Well we all know what this one really means, this is the See-No-Evil Monkey, a part of the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” proverb. But for some odd reasons, we all use it when funny embarrassing mistakes occur or as “oops” expressions!


6- “I’m right”?

This one is shocking to us too! The girl flipping her hair, expressing happiness or being right expression, is actually an information desk person!!

7- Focusing/Studying?

You think that this one looks like a person who is thinking or focusing on something, but it’s only a person bowing deeply.

8- Unknown Emoji

We didn’t even notice that this emoji is on the list, this one expresses anger. We are sure most people didn’t notice it, but it’s actually interesting.


9- Air? Water?

Not air, not water, not even a fart; this is a dash symbol.


10- Fire?

It’s a bit shocking to know that this is not fire. Sources explained clearly that it’s a collision symbol!


11- A Muslim? 

This one isn’t even close to a Muslim guy or even “Bakkar”; it refers to a man with turban and it’s originally an Indian headdress.

12- We Are In Trouble

This one we use when we panic, sometimes in happiness too. There are people who use it as a ballerina, but actually it’s an “Ok gesture“.


We should never pre-judge an emoji just by its look.