Face it! 2016 was a torturous year that was not easy to get through. But through out those long and arduous 12 months there was a guiding light that led us through these tough times and that was El M3alem Ibrahim Sardeena. He was a shining beacon of tanmeya  egtema3eya. Here’s all the moments  we cherished his teachings this year: 

( Note : give the page sometime to load all the GIFs )

1- When he taught us about environmental awareness

2- When he taught us to never stop! 

3- When he told us about the importance of making good friends

4- When he let us know our minds were the most important things

5- When he taught us to be self-starters

6- When he taught us how to deal with bad friends

7-  And pushed us to rely on ourselves! 

8- When he told us the secret to greatness

9- When he gave us the solution to unemployment

10- And showed us that money could buy happiness. 

11- When he taught us to “trust no b***h”

12- And a way to deal with all the haters


Thank you M3alem Sardeena! You truly were our Egyptian Godfather. Rabena may7ermnash menak!