When was the last time you didn’t get sound advice from a microbus/toktok? Never! We always read the drivers’ wise words written all over or on the back of the vehicle. As much as they give us a good laugh and sometimes make our day, if we spent time thinking about them they might actually be really good and sound pieces of advice.

  1. Those of you who like sharing their secrets with the sea, don’t! Unless your burden is less than this driver’s, then you are good to go.
  2. And we are still unsure if they became his friends because they feared him or wanted to be friends with the king.
  3. This driver, however, is giving you advice based on life experience. What did the woman do that you regret loving her that much though, we are curious.
  4. Seriously man if you’re sleeping, there is a serious problem here and we have to keep on “peep”ing.
  5. You don’t say!
  6. Feminists will love this one. 
  7. Two solid tips: One for romantic relationships, the other for friendships.
  8. His friends bailed out on him way too many times that he decided to bail out on everyone, who wouldn’t?
  9. This guy is on the verge of giving up on working hard or driving fast, whichever one he meant.
  10. Those who are too cold to take a shower in the winter will relate. Piece of advice, PLEASE SHOWER! 
  11. And the anti relationship advice continues, he’d rather get bitten by a snake than kissed by a gal.
  12. Those who take advantage of their friends, this one is for you.
  13. And last but not least..

And the search continues for more life advice from microbuses/toktoks/taxis. Share yours with us!