1-The job a million girls would die for cannot always suits you

Just because everyone is dying to be in your shoes and do your job that doesn’t need to make you happy. Do what you love and follow your instincts even if your job was an ice cream scooper.

devil wears prada 1

2-“Please bore someone else with your…questions.” Miranda

Don’t ever ask your boss too much questions you’re supposed to impress them and do your work without nagging. It can sometimes be ridiculous because you have no idea what to do, but isn’t it about time to show your cleverness. Because welcome to Egypt where you’re Supposed to Know What Your Boss Wants before They Do.

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3-  “Details of your incompetence do not interest me.”

No excuses are allowed in professional life. Egyptians you don’t have to share what happened to your car last night or your personal life “Aslgedetyembarehakhadoha el mostashfafa ….” . Be Professional!

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4- Your Boss is always right!

Miranda: So you don’t read Runway?
Andrea: -Uh, no.
Miranda: And before today you haven’t heard of me …
Andrea: No
Miranda: And you have no style and sense of fashion
Andrea: Well, Umm I think that depends on…
Miranda: No, No that wasn’t a question!
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5- First Impression Matters

you’ll always meet judgmental peoplewho’ll judge you for what you’re wearing. You have a great personality; you won’t die if you took care of yourself before going out.You never know whose looking at you.


devil wears prada 5

6- Don’t use you ego all the time.
Sometimes you don’t have to like everything you make but things must be done.
You won’t die if you hanged your boss’s coat or brought him a cup of coffee. Life must go on.


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7- Sometimes its about speed who is more initiative
Bosses like “Melahlaheen” employees, always be prepared in meetings and always have a background on what’s going on anywhere you go even in receptions.
devil wears prada 7

8- Don’t give your boss advices when they’re miserable.
When your boss share their personal life with you just listen.can you hear me Egyptians. Just listen!
You don’t have to be a hero and find them solutions for their personal problems never interfere, just listen.

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9- Always have a notebook and write every detail your boss says.
Remember no second chances, it’s only said once.

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10- Dress to Impress.
Appearance Matters, No Matter What Anyone Says.

devil wears prada 10 again


11- When things get hard complaining will get you nowhere.
We all face it in our personal lives when we get to complain to our friends about our work, they won’t make it easier. They’ll tell you to quit.


12- Never sit in work till night, you have to say no. you have another life waiting remember!
Last,You have to draw a line between your life and your work, or eventually you’re going to have to choose between one or the other.