The pictures below are satirical images that perfectly depict the world we live in today and put the spotlight on our backward society.


 1. Not Everything Is For Granted

You need to have money for them to work/perform.


2. Narcissist

They are both taking a test that would determine their future, yet she wants the spotlight all to herself. Her own success, satisfaction and needs are her priorities.


3. Pseudo-Confidence

We all know what drinking does to you. It makes you feel confident yet in reality you’re making a fool out of yourself.


4. The Virtue Of Privacy

It’s easier to hide behind a computer screen and spill your most intimate secrets on Facebook. Facebook, the #1 social network.


5. Law Of Attraction

Don’t create problems that don’t exist. Stop being negative and look at the bright side.


6. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

The easy way could be a misfortune. You’ve taken a huge leap, yet it has gotten you stuck where you are.


7. Feeding Your Ego 

The more likes you get, the more you feed your ego. 55 likes? I want to hit the 100. It does make you feel good, admit it.


8. Smoking Doesn’t Only Kill

You’re not only harming your health but your money too.


9. Selfishness

This man left a letter next to him and was about to commit suicide; on the other hand, you have another person climbing up the hill. Your own negativity can hurt someone who wants to succeed in life.


10.The Black Sheep

Don’t be like everyone else because the society pressures you to. Be your own person and excel at your own terms.


11. Pretty On The Outside But Ugly On The Inside

Don’t get fooled by anything that looks/seems attractive. It will do more harm than good.


12. The Easy Way Out

People tend to be in denial just because it is more comforting to believe so. However, what is your stance on this? Would you rather know a comforting lie or an unpleasant truth?


Which picture can you relate to?