Some of us aren’t as fortunate as others who aren’t afraid to put their foot down and say no when needed. It truly is a struggle when you’re too nice to be able to say no when put in a position that makes you uncomfortable or forces you to do something you really don’t want to do. There’s a thin line between being friendly and helpful, and being a doormat. Being able to say no simply sets boundaries that you need with all your social interactions. 

1- You always end up going to parties/gathering that you don’t want to 


Even when all you wanna do is curl up in a ball, binge eat and avoid the humans.

2- Your calendar is filled up with all the things you agreed to do for other people 


and you have no time for yourself anymore.

3- You’re probably always broke because you end up paying for everyone 


Max’s struggles are way too relatable to you, because you either lend money that will not be returned or always pay for your friends.

4- If anyone needs a ride, they know you’re available 


You need to take a page from Regina George’s book.

5- You suck at bargaining 


And learn something about bargaining from Jessica from Fresh Off The Boat!

6- You over-eat, not because you have an eating disorder, but because your grandma made it and you can’t say no 


Literally, anyone can guilt-trip you to eat or do anything for that matter.

7- If you don’t run away from salespeople, you’ll end up buying the whole mall 


8- You don’t know how to ignore people


And those read receipts are your worst enemy.

9- Whenever your teacher asks for volunteers, all it takes is for them to look at you 


Even if it’s as uncomfortable as being in the Hunger Games…

10- If your friends need a hangout place, you can never say no to hosting

And then, just like Cady Heron, you end up getting shocked with like a hundred party guests.

11- You’re always exhausted from thinking of excuses


It might even be the reason why your creativity improved so much.

12- You avoid people just because you know you can’t say no


It’s better to never be asked, than to say no, so you hide at all costs.

13- In the rare occasions when you actually CAN’T, you keep apologising profusely 



Just like everything else, you won’t be able to say no until you force yourself to. Practice makes perfect 😉