Ever heard of a thing called ‘the crush fever’? Probably not, because I just made it up. It is basically acting all weird and stupid once you develop a crush on someone.

Having a crush on you would mean that we are probably doing some if not all of the 12 stupid things down the list.

#1: Awkward Flirting 101

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It became a habit of yours to flirt like a 5-year old that you started to seem stupid. Probably he/she thinks that you are mentally disabled.

#2: Overexaggerating with the Assumptions

He definitely loves you just because he liked your Instagram picture!

#3: Overthinking Your Conversation Together

Not knowing what to say is normal, but you overthink it like a pro. It is like you are the queen/king of overthinking.

#4: Checking Your Phone 24/7

You’ve been looking at your phone for the past 4 minutes waiting to receive back a text. And who thought that time moves this slow.. tic toc.

#5: Once You Receive a Text You Jump to Your Phone

*Notification* and you just go crazy thinking it was him/her. But oppss, it’s probably candy crush notifications, because you don’t even have a life!

#6: You Send Parts of the Conversation to Your Friends

It is like a group chat between your friends and him/her, but he/she just doesn’t know, yet.

#7: Stalking is Your Second Job

You probably know more about your crush than they already know about themselves. It is pretty scary because you know what his grandpa did last summer.

#8: You Probably Liked an Old Instagram Picture

While you were on the stalking mission, you probably liked an old Instagram picture by mistake. It felt like the end of the world…

#9: Analysing Every Situation

If only you analyzed homework or course material that hard, you’d probably be getting an A right away. You super analyze every word said by the crush and turn it into some weird analysis.

#10: Wanting to Look Hot When You Know You’ll See them Today

#11: Becoming Speechless Once He Says Hi

It is as if you suddenly don’t know how to speak.

#12: Weird Imagination

It is a weekly exercise that you do where you start imagining your family with this girl/boy and you just build on it daily. What is weird is that you are not even ashamed of that. Creating scenarios in your head is just another way to end your day. Crazy alert!