tall girl standing between short guys

There are loads of things tall girls are tired of hearing, but of course Egyptians take things up a notch with their unique sense of humour and sharp views. Here are a few remarks you’re probably sick and tired of hearing if you were blessed with both the height and the golden opportunity of living in Egypt:

1. “Don’t wear heels, shakli hayeb2a sees gambek”

If your partner happens to be your height or shorter than you, expect him to forbid you from wearing heels. Even if he doesn’t care about your height difference, your heels WILL become his biggest insecurity! “Don’t make me choose between you and my louboutins, because we both know which one I’ll pick”

635494243749964679-1062219338_SHoes Gif


2. “Can you take the selfie? You have longer arms”

Expect your long arms to act as a selfie stick. This also means your face will always be at the front of pictures, all up close and personal, but then again it’s better than having your face completely cut out if they take it. Oh well, might as well work it gurl!



3. “Mish hatla2i 3arees toolek”

This one will usually come from the menafseneen tantat in your family whose daughters look like korombat. “Thanks Tante Fawzeya, but I’m pretty sure Kate Moss didn’t have trouble finding a husband cause of her height.”



4. “Eh akhbar el gaw fel dor el fo2”

This is one of the many “humorous” comments you will hear from your shorter friends. “I dunno how’s the weather down there… in hell… where you belong…” Yes, we have jokes too *death stares*


5. *wears heels* “Borg El Qahirah has arrived!”

Another hilarious comment (…NOT) that compares you to the Cairo Tower. Genius. Really. Did you think of that one on your own?



6. “Did you play basketball/volleyball when you were younger?”

This one is quite ironic because I practiced both sports, but that doesn’t mean I was any good *cries*. Height does not give you athletic abilities, just FYI.


7. “Is that a dress or a long t-shirt you’re wearing?” and/or “are those hot shorts or are you wearing panties?”

I don’t appreciate your passive aggressiveness and just because cute clothes weren’t made for people my height, doesn’t mean I won’t wear them! I mean why would I forbid people of the view of my long sexy legs?



8. “You’re blocking the view”

B***h, I am the view.


9. “Akid konti beteshrabi laban wenti soghayara”

You caught me! Now everyone knows the secret recipe to becoming tall, damn.



10. “Can you go to the back for the picture”

No, I did not spend hours picking out this outfit just to stand in the back behind all these dwarves. I was made to shine!


11. “Howa enti modelzz?”

Yes, do you want an autograph?


12. “I love cute short girls”