By: John Samir

A lot of people when enjoying a film, give credit to the director, actors, writer or the genius of the visual effects. It’s very unusual for someone to realize that they liked the movie because of its music score. Here are some of the soundtracks of international and Egyptian movies that hit us right in the feels.

1. The Godfather – Al Martino

The classy score that inspired all Mafia movies actually gives us the chills with its creepy beginning. It’s composed by Al Martino who makes you feel like the gangster and his victim at the same time.

2. Forrest Gump – Alan Silvestri

This really feels like what a loving simpleton hears at the back of his head. Life is a box of chocolates and this movie and its music score are a box of onions, it’s is very capable of making you cry.

 “Maybe I am not smart.. but I know what is love”.

3. Now We Are Free (Gladiator) – Hans Zimmer

What we think of as humming is actually real lyrics written in a language very few people understand.

“What we do in life echoes for all eternity!”- Maximus Decimus

4. Kings of the Past (Lion King) – Hans Zimmer

Hearing this piece doesn’t only bring childhood memories but also makes us picture Simba telling Mufasa to get up and that “we gotta go home“.

5. Bearing the Cross (Passion of Christ) – John Debney

John Debney really tried to relate every piece of this score to the Palestinian culture where the events of this movie take place. You can even hear “Ya Leil Ya 3ein” in it.

6. Hymn To The Sea (Titanic) – James Horner

Hearing this piece; you don’t know whether you should love, laugh or cry.

7. Nocturnal Animals – Abel Korzeniowski

It’s all about pain; the movie, the score, everything.

“I want to know what they said. I want to know what my wife said and I want to know what my daughter said. I want to know how you killed them, and I want to know if they knew it was happening to them. I want to know what they felt! I want to know if they hurt!” – Tony

8. Star Wars Main Theme – John Williams

The score that directly throws you into space, being a mixture of a childhood dream adventure and the greatest motivation a Star Wars nerd can get in his life.

9. Epilogue (La La Land) – Justin Hurwitz

It was once said that “a picture is worth a 1000 words”. Actually this score is worth a feature length movie with all its chapters, in under 8 minutes.

10. Amir El Zalam – Khaled Hammad

Once you start dancing to the childish music the serious part rushes in to get you back unto your chair, and vice versa. And in about the middle of it you get a sudden urge to say “El nas ya Sa3iiiiid!

11. El Erhabi – Omar Khairat

If you wonder how Adel Emam’s character, the terrorist, had this massive change in his mindset. If it’s not the loving family or finding love, then it must be this piece of music.


12. 3asal Eswed – Omar Khairat

Omar Khairat is truly a global artist. His scores for a simple Egyptian comedy should get nominated for an Oscar.

The magic of movie scores is that if you saw the movie, you re-watch it just by hearing the score. If you didn’t see the movie, the score gives you the summary of all the feelings you get while watching it.