Here we are, stuck in traffic and trapped in our cars once again after a long day at work. C’est la vie! And nothing can beat our boredom and pass the time like watching advertising billboards with their witty slogans and cool visuals. They are everywhere anyway. You can’t help it but find your eyes roaming from one billboard to another. You get to know what new series to watch, how that fancy car will change your life, why this restaurant is the best, blah blah… wait, what? 12+16?

Isn’t that LA VISTA’s billboard? What does 12+16 suppose to mean? Is it some kind of riddle? Should we do the math? It’s 28, what now? Is it an offer maybe? The number of LA VISTA’s properties? What?? Now they have done it! And we have to wait until they reveal the meaning behind this teaser!

Though we hate to wait, but points for LA VISTA for perking up our curiosity. The advertising scene can get pretty dull and boring, and it’s always fun when someone stirs up the atmosphere with anticipation.

Stay tuned. As soon as we solve the riddle, you will be the first to know.