122 is a horror film that seems to be following the perfect criteria for a thriller. It has an intriguing poster with just a hand sign that might be referring to.. Lucifer? And what is up with the title featuring the Egyptian Police landline fighting satanic forces?  Here’s all we know so far.
The Plot
The plot follows the story of a doctor trying to prove his innocence from a murder he’s accused of. The horror is in showing the doctor and his beloved on the run from supposedly the safest place there is.
The Team:
The director of the movie, Yasser Al-Yassiri, received the Best Director award for Arabic video clips in 2008, 2012, 2013, and twice in 2011.
The script is written by scriptwriter Salah El-Geheny who wrote blockbuster Egyptian movies such as ElKhaleya and Awlad Rezk.
The movie stars big names in the industry; including Mohamed Mamdouh, Ahmed el Fishawy, Tarek Lotfy, Ahmed Daoud, and Amina Khalil. This gives an indication to the quality of the script and the movie according to the standards of those actors’ previous choices.
Release Date
The movie is scheduled to premiere in the US and Egypt in the weeks following Eid Al-Adha.
Well, everything about the movie looks promising. We hope it’s not as scary as 2008’s “Camp”!
Check out the full cast:
Tarek Lotfy, Ahmed ElFishawy, Ahmed Daoud
Amina Khalil
Mohamed Lotfy
Mohamed Mamdouh
Gihan Khalil
Asmaa Galal