When you’re dating, you hit a point in your relationship where you get bored of the usual movies and dinner date. Even though it’s convenient and fun, you sometimes need to do creative things together. It makes you see a new side of each other. Here are some fun ideas to consider:

  1. Kayaking in The Nile

Kayaking in The Nile is so much fun. There are plenty of trips that suit beginners. They are available every weekend. You’ll find the details on their Facebook page.

  1. Fagnoon

Remember Fagnoon from our childhood? You can do pottery, paint on ceramics or take some friends with you and have a mud or a paint fight.

  1. Dream Park

Going to a theme park is always fun, whether you are fearless and can try the adventurous rides or like to go easy and just walk around and play the easy games.

  1. Magic Planet

Visit Magic Planet at the Mall of Egypt and play random video games, air hockey and plenty of other games and even win her a stuffed animal (classic move).

  1. Pool and/or Spa

There are plenty of pool options here in Cairo. Try Sofitel El Gezira’s infinity pool that overlooks the Nile River and or the one indoors inside the spa. Get a couple’s massage together.

  1. Ski Egypt

If you haven’t been there it’s cool to try it out together. They also take pictures of you while skiing so they’re fun memories to keep.

  1. Theatre/Concert

Check Facebook events, Ehgezli, Tickets Marche and the Cairo Opera website for interesting events. Go watch a play or your favorite band playing.

  1. Fayoum (sandboarding)

Yes it’s not Cairo, but it’s only an hour’s drive. You can go watch the waterfalls, sandboard or do a safari.

  1. Sightseeing

Go sightseeing around Cairo’s beautiful mosques, khan el Khalili, Salah el Din Citadel or the pyramids.

  1. Horseback Riding

Go horseback riding in Sakkara Country Club or Nazlet el Semman.

  1. Karaoke

Go karaoke because it’s always better to find out the hidden talents (or nightmares) sooner rather than later. LOL

  1. Go Trampoline-ing

There are lots of places like Gravity Code or Bounce inc where you can go bounce together.

Don’t be lazy. Try out a new activity with your partner and enjoy the change.