fashion trends

The 2000’s wasn’t the most crowning era in history when it came to fashion. In fact, there are some fashion trends we’re glad to be dead and buried. We’re pretty sure these won’t make a come back anytime soon.

1- Halter tops with cord ties or metal rings

If you need to have a cord tied around your neck to keep your top from falling off, odds are, you’re in the wrong decade.Nicole+Kidman+Tops+Halter+Top+o_Vvtyn-xSZl

2- Double Denim

What were they thinking exactly? Aside from being a complete eye sore, there is such a thing as ‘too much denim’.


3- Von Dutch Hats

There was literally no style to them. They all had the same design and yet you weren’t cool enough unless you pulled one off.von dutch trucker jt_0

4- Juicy Couture Track Suits

Not only were the bright colors blinding, but as tracksuits, they were virtually impractical especially with the word “Juicy” written on the back.

britney spears tracksuit_05- Tube Tops

This was the anti-halter top that required nothing to keep the top up.

normal_XRAY_POMPANA_2814296- Dresses with Jeans

You can either wear the jeans or the dress; you can’t wear both! It just looks like your closet threw up on you!enhanced-buzz-15607-1383596921-24

7- Ed Hardy Anything

This look was usually coupled with a rhinestone bejeweled skull and a meaningless quote that had nothing to do with anything really.enhanced-buzz-10614-1367959594-13

8- Baker Boy Hats

This hat should never be worn at any point in time, unless you happen to be an actual baker boy.

baker boy keira_09- Peasant Skirts

Unless you were in the cast of Les Miserables, there is no reason you should be wearing a skirt like that in public.


10- Peasant Tops

Because no peasant skirt is complete without its own top.

enhanced-buzz-13777-1383590003-011- Layered Tank Tops

If you have to layer your tank tops, maybe you should consider wearing a jacket instead.

635926567349246079-597359384_layeredtanks12- Butterfly Hair Clips

Because all the cool kids had them.

lizie-mcguire-butterfliy-hair-clip-1419991237 13- Corduroy Jackets

These typically had two functions: making us feel warm and look terrible.

56It’s highly unlikely we’ll see any of these trends rising again. Thankfully!