Pizza is love! Anyone who tells you otherwise is just crazy! Pizza is a beautiful thing that the Italians have bestowed upon us. And to truly show how thankful we are for that gift, we’ve listed the best places you can have pizzas in the capital because pizza has the magical ability to make everything better. So head on down to these pizza places, or order in before the week is up! 

1- O.liv.o, Zamalek

This quaint little bar and pizzeria is just the place to to go for a date. The space is warm and cozy and their Bresaola pizza with arugula is just…heavenly!olivo

2- Pepenero, Korba

Pepenero is one of those authentic Italian restaurants we will always know and love. It’s got a great homey feel to it and is sure to draw you in! If that’s not enough, then try out their signature Pepe Nero pizza, a thin breaded dough crust covered in Italian buffalo mozzarella, olives, chicken and black pepper.pepenero

3- Fratelli La Bufala, New Cairo

Our Italian tour doesn’t end here. Fratelli La Bufala is one of those places we thank God is in existence, because otherwise we couldn’t get Calzones in Cairo. A Calzone is an oven-baked folded pizza with all the flavor of a pizza, but none of the mess. And Fratelli has a great selection of them.fratelli

4- Il Divino Pizzeria, Zamalek

Zamalek seems to be the hub of all doughey and mozzarella goodness. With Il Divino Pizzeria, don’t be fooled by the place’s size. It’s tiny, but it’s mighty! And if you’re craving a truly unique vegetarian pizza, this is where to go because their Quattro Stagioni pizza is topped with zucchini, artichoke, fresh mushrooms and green peppers. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!divino

5- Pizza Labomba

This place is delivery only. But if you haven’t tried it at least once in your lifetime, then you are truly missing out. It’s the perfect order in place, and they deliver to different areas around the capital. Our personal favorite is their Four in One pizza that divides the pizza in four and features slices of all their best pizza toppings.labomba

6- Vinny’s Pizzeria

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. This is the home of the pizza cake! A jaw dropping, show stopping, multiple layered topping masterpiece! If you’re ever going to go to Vinny’s to take this giant on, be sure to bring a few of your friends with

7- Andiamo Pizza Garden & Bar, Heliopolis

Andiamo is just the place to get a gourmet pizza because nothing says great pizza like home made pizza dough! If you’re feeling the need for a great seafood pizza, this is the place to go. Their signature Andiamo pizza is not only topped with Salmon and capers, but with red caviar!andiamo-pizza

8- Crust, New Cairo

Crust is one of those places that realized that the only way to get a good pizza is to have you build your own pizza. You get to choose everything about it, from the dough to the sauces (red, white and pesto) to the multitudes of toppings. Crust gives you full control of your pizza.crust

9- 3al 7atab, Maadi

Ricotta is one other cheese we love on our pizza and 3al 7atab has found a way to add it and make every slice of their Ragu pizza scrumptious. With a homemade mince meat Ragu and a ricotta cheese topping, this pizza is a treat for any carnivore.3al-7atab

10- Di Oliva, Shiekh Zayed

Di Oliva was created to make sure the citizens of Sheikh Zayed were never in want of a gourmet pizza. Their signature Di Oliva pizza is a seafood parade with jumbo shrimp and mussels topping.di-oliva

11- Cucina, New Cairo

Prepare to dive into Cucina’s Diavola pizza, a spicy pizza coupled with beef salami, mushrooms and chili. If you don’t want to head there after this, then you’re not a true pizza lover!cucina

12- Kazlak, Maadi

Kazlak has done the thing we’ve always dreamed of: Halloumi and Zaatar pizza! Our prayers have been answered, and this cheese will finally find its rightful place atop the pizza slice pyramid!!!kazlak

13- Maison Thomas, Zamalek

I’m going to end this article with a classic and one of my personal faves because of their Hawaiian pizza. A controversial pizza, that combines pineapple chunks and smoked turkey. It’s not for everyone, but I definitely have a special place in my heart and stomach for Thomas’

Well, we hope these pizza places have got your appetite going!