There are a lot of small things in life that go unnoticed. They just aren’t that perceptible because we find ourselves buzzing through our daily lives stressed, may be annoyed at some people, too busy in our own heads thinking about the future or just worrying. But there’s so much more to life than just waking up, going to work, coming back, watching TV and sleeping. Here are a few things we need to appreciate more often:

1- Fooddelicious chocolate

Just food. We all eat because, well, we need to survive. But honestly, look at it! Food is one of life’s awesome pleasures. We need to treat our food the way Joey treats his pizza! Deep true love.

2- But mostly, the first bite when you’ve been hungry for a really long timejulia robert eating pizza

That first satisfactory succulent bite, when your stomach has been growling for more than 3 hours or so, and you can’t think of anything but the food splashing into your tummy. Or, the first drop of water when you’ve been really thirsty.

3-Touching and feeling the bed after a long hard day

Happy woman laying on bed

I’m sure most of us do that once we return home after a long day, but do you actually just sit and appreciate the fact that now, in this particular moment, you can do absolutely nothing for a while? You can clear your mind and enjoy the quietness and the feel of a comfy bed.

4- New sheets

Young woman sleeping

You know when you’ve just changed your bed sheets, and get in bed for the first time, and your whole body feels the slight tender coldness of it. You can’t help but want to stretch your body on the whole bed.

5- Showers


That feeling when you were too hot, and just got into a nice cold shower. The way water touches your skin and you can sense the coolness spreading through your whole body. Or, maybe when it’s freezing cold in winter, and you get into a nice hot shower and don’t ever want to get out of it.

5- New clothes new clothes

New garments have their own smell, and it’s just so satisfying when you get to wear something new for the first time. You sort of feel like a slightly different person than you were, like a new version of yourself. You feel content.

6- Stretching in the morningstretching

When you wake up and you just sit for a while on the bed, processing your life, looking into the void and you start stretching your hands above your head, and it feels so damn good. It feels so much more satisfying afterwards, like you’re ready to take life on.

7-Clothes straight out of the dryer on a cold winter’s daywarm clothes

That amazing warm feeling when you wear something straight out of the dryer, and it’s still kind of hot. You’re just happy with the heat, because it’s freezing outside.

8- The smell of delicious food in your house

Woman standing by the stove in the kitchen, cooking and smelling the nice aromas from her meal in a pot

Whether it’s molokheya, bread or cake. Anything that you like and that invades the smell of the house feels wonderful.

10- When you see your food coming at a restaurantwinnie the pooh

And you think you’re probably more excited than a dog seeing their owner coming back home after a really long day.

11- When you’re laughing so hard that your stomach hurtslaughingg

We don’t get these a lot, but when they do happen, it hurts and it really feels great! You start tearing up a little bit, and you hold your tummy because it’s hurting but you can’t actually stop. Definitely hold on to the people who have this effect on you; they’re scarce.

12- A long warm hugsam and frodo

A long warm hug that probably lasts more than a minute, and which you don’t want to let go of. Especially if you’re hugging someone you haven’t seen in such a long time and whom you’ve missed immensely.

13- Listening to music that you likehey arnold

Whether it’s on your headphones or on speakers in your room, it feels good to be able to listen to your favorite soundtrack. Just enjoy the music for a while, before someone comes talking to you.

All these little things do add up and become an accumulation of moments that make us happy and satisfied! They’re things that we don’t necessarily appreciate or even acknowledge, but they definitely do affect us.