We’ve all faced weird moments while driving. What is the most awkward situation that happened to you in your car? What are the most weird things that you do behind the wheel? Find out more awkward situations below!

#1 Judging every other driver

Basically, it’s what we do all the time! It would be awkward if we don’t comment or complain about anyone who’s driving.

#2 Drive barefoot 

Some people just enjoy driving barefoot. Other times we don’t have an option because our feet hurt.

#3 Cursing

Cursing words are typically used just about every second, by any driver while driving, to ease the tension caused by the extreme traffic and insane drivers.

#4 Make awkward eye contact with people in other cars

You know when we’re stuck in the traffic lights sometimes? It’s our “yo, wassup” kinda moment as there’s nothing really to be done.

#5 Cry eating while driving

Getting caught up in the moment and crying just like in the movies and even imagining how we look like doing so, works sometimes!

#6 Drive in a fast and furious attitude

Getting provoked by someone who’s driving fast and unleashing our inner Schumacher! “You think you can beat me? Watch me!”

#7 Turn our seat into a bed and sleep

This is one of the real good sleeps or naps that we’ve ever had in our lives.

#8 Get caught dancing and singing our hearts out 

One way to be happy is singing and dancing in the car. The funny part is when we get caught doing so. “Watcha lookin at?? You want a piece of me??”

#9 Show the inner 3arbagy 

Giving the “Moooooove, b***h! Get out the way, get out the way, b***h! Get out the way!” attitude.

#10 Freak out when someone behind makes the same turn and automatically assume that we’re being followed

Movies have affected our imagination in funny ways. That’s one of the scenarios! How many times do we think we’re being followed by someone because they made the same turn?

#11 Fall asleep while driving

You’re just too tired and sleepy. Can’t decide whether to be tired, sleep, or drive, so you fall asleep instead!

#12 Suffer in silence from “sibling passengers”

Anger management is a must because they’re accompanying us the entire trip. What can we do? Just suffer in silence.

#13 Be confronted by someone with road rage

It’s kinda funny in a way because suddenly, a crazy person comes out of the blue and starts the weird rage and look like they’re lip-syncing.

#14 Have your own irrational road rage

Just flipping out on everything and anything. Even when we didn’t have a bad day. It seems contagious.

Share your funniest and most awkward situations with us!