Calling all Egyptian home owners! With these awesome, and dare I say unexpected, smart home decor solutions. Egyptian homes sometimes lack innovation and are usually cluttered; it’s just a fact of life. But with IKEA’s smart solutions, you can easily declutter and decorate your home with the following simple innovative items: 

1. KROKIG Wall Storage- 49 EGP

KROKIG wall storage with hook 49 EGP

Regular old wall hangers are a thing of the past with this wall storage that comes with hangers and a small compartment. And this is not just for your kids! You can use it to store your keys or mail near the front door, and for a multitude of things.

2- GRUNDTAL Hanger-125 EGP



Nothing is better than having these handy dandy, wall hangings that are useful for towels, coats or just about anything you want to hang on the wall.

3- GRUNDTAL Towel Holder-129 EGP

GRUNDTAL Towel Holder 129

Folding towels on top of each other is a tedious endeavour to say the least. For one thing, you risk toppling all the towels to the floor. For another, you can’t really fold many towels atop each other! But if you had the option to hang your towels together and just scroll through them with this towel holder, then your towel troubles are gone!

4- GRUNDVATTNET Wash basin-59 EGP

GRUNDVATTNET Wash basin- 59

I’m one of those people who like to wash things by hand. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll find yourself wishing there was something to speed up the dishwashing process. Now, if you’re wary of dishwashers, IKEA has this wash basin .You can use it  for soaking your dishes in soap and then drying them off.

5- BYLLAN Laptop Support- 165 EGP

BYLLAN laptop support 165

Let’s face it. Your hard laptop surface isn’t comfy. But what if there was a way to make it so? This laptop support with a comfy pillow and surface for your laptop will make your internet browsing experience even more enjoyable!

6- KAJUTA Table Lamp- 125 EGP

This lamp actually allows you to manipulate the lights by moving the cutout shapes and perforations to create a wholly different light scheme!

7- KLIPSK Bed Tray- 125 EGP

KLIPSK Bed Tray- 125

Nothing beats breakfast in bed. If you don’t have one of these in your home, you’re missing out on one of the many pleasures of being in your bed!

8- KOMPLEMENT Pull Out Clothes Rail- 120 EGP

KOMPLEMENT Pull out clothes rail- 120 EGP

Sometimes, I wish I could get a better look at what I wanted to wear rather than have to take things off the rail. With this pull-out rail, I can literally pull the rail out of the closet for all my clothes browsing purposes.

9- KOMPLEMENT Valet Hanger- 10 EGP

KOMPLEMENT valet Hanger- 10 EGP

And if I happen to need to leave a few things outside the closet to wear, this valet hanger should definitely do the trick!

10- MARIETORP frame for 4 pictures- 125 EGP


Wall hangings are just as important as any piece of home decor, and with this one, you get to hang 4 frames all at once. Because there’s no need to put your family photos in separate frames!

11- SKUBB Box set of six-99EGP

SKUB box set of 6-99EGP

The new IKEA catalogue is all about innovative modes of storage. And for drawers, instead of putting things horizontally and having trouble looking through them, IKEA invites you to unfollow expectations and try vertical storage with the SKUBB box set that you can place in your drawers.

12- SOLLEFTEA Pendant Lamp Shade- 109 EGP

Sometimes, all you need to make your lighting look interesting is to try a simple lampshade instead of investing in a full fledged chandelier. That’s sure to uplift the look of your light fixtures.

13- STUGVIK Hook w/ Suction Cup- 45 EGP


So what makes this different to any other wall hanging? The suction cups. This hanging was specifically made so you don’t ruin your bathroom walls by drilling. All you have to do is place it on your bathroom wall and you’re good to go.

14- URSHULT LED Cabinet Lighting- 199 EGP

URSHULT LED cabinet Lighting

If you’re feeling the need to get more light in your closet without having to fumble through it in the dark, then this cabinet light is definitely for you.

Haven’t had enough of these smart solution items? Head on down to IKEA, Cairo Festival City, and grab a copy of their new free 2017 catalogue or get it online here

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