Hangry (noun)
A state of anger caused by a lack of food. Being angry and hungry at the same time may evoke negative change in emotional state. Apologies may follow after a good meal. 


Some people can handle a little tummy grumbling and still be calm and collected, but a hangry person can’t. These are the moments every hangry person can relate to:

1- People learn to avoid you

Inta msh inta w inta ga3an.

2- You might throw a tantrum over the smallest thing 


And your boyfriend/girlfriend/homie will have to deal with it, just because you’re hungry.

3- And have to apologize for being crazy after you eat 

85404-Miley-Cyrus-Im-sorry-gif-DB4O“I’m sorry I was mean; I skipped breakfast today” is a perfectly normal text that justifies your actions pretty well.

4- You become so impatient 

mjaxmi1hnwewmzdmodmxzgyyzjvmWhen you’re ordering food with a group of friends, their indecisiveness in picking where/what to eat drives you absolutely insane.

5- “I’m Hungry” is no joke


People don’t seem to understand how serious of a statement it is. This is not a conversation starter, or a mild observation – this s**t has implications on your wellbeing and the wellbeing of everyone around you.

6- Waiting for food at a restaurant is a true test of patience 

hrDNS8XeHoU0MWhen a waiter brings out food and you start to ogle at it as you get ready to devour it, then it turns out to be for another table, it’s like “why you gotta be so rude?”

7- You don’t understand how people can just “forget” to eat 


You anticipate lunch time an hour in advance; what is this sorcery?

8- When no one can tolerate your hangry state, it only gets worse


It doesn’t matter if it’s the delivery man, your Internet connection or the bawab, you expect everyone and everything around you to understand why you’re angry and just feed you.

9- You start using being “hangry” as an excuse for being, you know, a b**** 

ludi-lubyashie-poest-15Everyone by now knows that hunger unleashes the beast in you, but when you’re being psychotic for no reason, you can always just blame it on the hunger.

10- Food is BAE 


Now you know that food is the solution to most of your problems. Comfort food = cure to everything in life.

11- The worst combo is being hangry and tired 

200_s (1)

Sleep deprivation makes you frustrated enough, and being hungry makes you angry. You’re a triple threat to the world. And not in a good way…

12- A snack or a good meal can turn your day around 


You can literally feel your mood-o-meter levels increase with every bite.

13- You use your hangry state to not do work 


Being productive on an empty stomach is a no-go.

14- And you’re most productive after you eat 


It even improves how you are with people. Hanging out with friends or going out after a meal is the only way you can be decent company.

But at the end of the day, all you are is a person who appreciates the beauty of food as much as it deserves.