Students are always complaining about university and how boring it is. Employees, like me, WISH they can invent a time machine to have those days back. Here are the perks of being a university student:

1- Dating.

2- It’s okay not to go everyday and pretend you’re sick! “Ma7adesh beyekshemlak“.

3- Fool around the whole year then start studying during revision week “Zay el kalb”.

4- Cheating during finals, and passing.


5- When we all gather to “Study” but NEVER actually do.

6- Trips “w ya lahwy 3al masayeb”.


7- It’s commonly known that your university friends are your all-time best friends.

8- The countless molakhasat pics on your phone gallery.

9- Being nice to your nerdy friends 4 days before the final exam, so you can take their notes. “Ya keda ya ema hanes2at kolena akid”.

10- Not having to wear suits and ties every-single-day! You can simply go to class in your PJs.


11- If you’re an AUCian, you’ll get to make fun of the “Gucci Corner” everyday.

12- Dorms. FULL STOP.


13- You have better excuses to easily take more money from your parents; “Baba el ketab da be 800 geneh” w howa aslan be 50 geneh!

14- The Student Union and its unforgettable memories.