We all know that love comes in many forms, so naturally, relationships do as well. There are many types of Egyptian couples and they all vary to drastic extents. Sometimes, it almost seems as if 5 different couples have the same exact relationship, because their “captions” are all the same. They’re all each other’s backbones; one can’t help but question whether it’s fake or not. Let’s examine some of the types of couples that you are likely to encounter in Egypt, that is if you haven’t stumbled onto every kind already. 

1- The “awel 7ad la2eto odami” Couple


This type comes in three forms. They’re either cousins/second cousins, their families have been friends forever so they’re basically related or they’re neighbors. So whether they’re blood related or not, they might as well be. They usually respect and are fond of each other, but you can tell almost immediately that their love doesn’t come with a burning passion.

2- The “On and Off” Couple

On a Break

They don’t necessarily need to be a drama loving couple, but their relationship is so out of hand and unstable due to the amount of fights they keep having. They break up and get back together a lot that people just assume they’re never going to break up for good. But when they do, it comes as a shock even though it really shouldn’t be because..DUH!

3- The “Sakhafa” Couple

Sesame street

They treat each other as friends when it comes to el sakhafa. You’ll almost always catch them bickering and picking on one another. The best thing about this type of couples is that they manage to turn all tough situations into fun and humorous ones. Also, you never feel left out sitting with them because you can join in on the train of sakhafa anytime!

4- The “why are they even a couple?” Couple

Atef and Enshera7

This type usually have nothing in common and everyone you know seems to think that they’re unmatchable. You all wonder about how this relationship was birthed to life in the first place, because they seem like two people from two completely different planets. They don’t even speak the same language.

5- The “we like to share our relationship with the world” Couple

Get a room

Some couples think that privacy is overrated and therefore like to share their relationship with the rest of the world. They brag WAY too much on social media about their relationship in the form of cheesy posts with captions such as “my backbone” and “I’m only a prince because you’re my princess”. But they also fight publicly and force everyone to meddle in the relationship, because you can’t help not to when one of them asks you “enta shayef meen el ghaltan?”.

6- The “are we a couple?” Couple

New Girl

They treat each other like bf and gf, but they’re not a couple due to unseen circumstances or reasons no one can comprehend. Maybe they’re afraid of the label, maybe they’re waiting for a better time or maybe they’re just bad at communication. It really is a situation that’s fueled by a lot of maybe’s.

7- The “Best Friends” Couple


They are a reasonable, fun and an understanding couple who get along great. However, there are three types of Best Friends Couples. The first is when two best friends turn into a couple and end up breaking up and thus ruining their friendship forever. The second is when they don’t break up, manage to keep their friendship above all and end up being a great power couple. And the third is when two people get together and learn how to act as best friends even though they never were.

8- The “E7Na” Couple

Abo Aly

Don’t you just hate those? It’s a peculiar thing to witness an individual turning into half a person once they get into a relationship. They stop referring to themselves as “I” and it all becomes about the “we”. For instance, “we went to see this movie and we loved it” or “we’re not sure if we’re coming or not, but we’ll let you know”.

9- The “Over Sahtana” Couple 


Everybody’s least favorite couple, or second-least favorite after the “E7NA” couple. You’d find the girl using her boyfriend’s photo as her profile picture with a caption that says, “you’re my forever”. Not to mention the abundance of lovey-dovey pictures both of them post on social media with captions that make you throw up a little in your mouth. A word to the wise everyone: this is what the report button was made for. Report anyone who does that.

10- The “Married” Couple 

Married Couple

It would be event of the year if you find one without the other. They are always at each other’s side, and not in a cute way, in a disgusting and creepy kind of way. If one of us did spot one without the other, it would only mean she’s at the bathroom or he’s dead. No relationship will flourish if the two of you are constantly up each other’s butts. You need to give each other some space and get a life of your own.

11- The “we live in a bubble” Couple


This type is the worst to go out with if you’re single. They manage to turn whoever’s with them into a third-wheeler, even in group outings. They are always found whispering in each other’s ears, playing with each other’s hair and laughing at all of their inside jokes loudly without explaining it. So, really, they’re only laughing alone.

12- The “I didn’t even know they were a couple” Couple


YOU’RE A COUPLE? You can hang out with them for months and not know they’re a couple because they simply choose not to air any of their laundry, whether dirty or clean, up for everyone to see. They have a private life and in public, they mostly treat each other as friends. And once in a blue moon, you’ll see them give each other a sweet peck on the cheek and even then, you’ll think it might have been just a friendly kiss. This really could be a compliment though!

13- The “Nakad” Couple 


Some couples are just attracted to drama like flies are attracted to light. The drama finds them wherever they go, but it’s really not the drama’s fault because they did this and they should be banished.

14- The “Cute” Couple 


Ahhh, these couples are like unicorns. Or no, not unicorns. They’re like supermoons. You see them every few years and then forget they exist until the next time you see them which might be never. They are both independent, capable of living without each other but choose not to. That’s not to say that they don’t fight or have their own share of drama, but they choose to handle it gracefully.

And of course, there’s the type of couples who are a blend between two or more of these types. I call them the “Ultimate Combination Couple”. With that being said, here’s to all the couples out there because at the end of the day, to each his/her own. It doesn’t matter what kind of couple you are for as long as it makes you happy. 

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