Spending your new year alone? Don’t worry, you have the internet.

The Internet is an awesome place that was invented for cat videos and memes. One meme that will cure your new year’s loneliness is the “start your year right” meme. 

If you are not familiar with the “Start your year right” meme, it’s when you play the movie or the song at the given exact time, you will start your year at the right time and the right way.

We compiled some good examples of it for you so you too can start your year right.


1- Evanescence: Wake me up.

Play the Song at 11:59:08 PM:

“I can’t wake up!” Admit it, it played in your head.

2- Pink Floyd: Hey you. 

Play the Song at 11:59:26 PM:

3- Ga2ana Albayan Altaly:

Start the movie at 11:11:18 PM and you’ll be watching “7asby allah w na3ma elwakel” at 12 am:

4- Or at 11:12:15 PM for a Happy New Year!


5- Or at 11:28:57 PM for “Ana bamot ya fa5ry”:

6- Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

So It begins at 9:13:19—pun intended—by King Theoden:

7- Thanos snaps his fingers if you start Infinity War at 9:48:54 PM. A balanced new year!

8- When the power goes out in Keda Reda. Start the movie at 1:16:37 PM:

9- When Barada sings in 7ob el banat: Start 7ob el banat at 1:11:52 PM—If that’s your thing (We are not judging…)

We lied, we are totally judging!


10- Kol Sana Wenta tyb ya Ramadan ُُُEl3eyal kebret Start at 8:4:31 PM:

11- Fol elseen el3azem “youm wara youm”: Start at 11:44:10 PM:

12- All by myself by Celine Dion: Start at 11:59:6 PM:

13- Even better, watch it in Bridget Jones diary if you start the new year at 11:54:13 PM Watching Bridget Jones Diary:

14- I’ll be back, Next Year! Ha! (Ahem, sorry, couldn’t resist…) Start the Terminator at 11:00:30 PM:

What do you think? What’s the best way you can start 2019?