1. Toilet-Sink combination that is energy efficient

2. You can plug from any direction with these round outlets

3. Washable keyboard – finally! 

4. Flash drive that lets you see the files on it

5. A cereal bowl that keeps your breakfast from getting all soggy 

6. A cutting board that weighs whatever you are cutting 

7. An edible coffee mug. Wonder if it’s delicious?

8. Knifes nestled in one place – space saver!

9. Paint brush that allows you to rest it on the paint bucket. 

10. Ice cube dispenser – no more hitting the tray for cubes to fall 

11. A watch that spells out time – how lazy can you be? 

12. A luggage tag that will guarantee you won’t lose your luggage 

13. A bottle opener that keeps the cap

14. Spoon & chopsticks all in one! 

15. Would be great to avoid all those embarrassing bump-in moments