We all go through awkward situations in life, some weirder than others, but which are the worst?


1-Waving at someone you think you know, bas yefdal baseslak w mayrodesh

2-Always being on time, w za7met masr lets you arrive late for that one important event (first date).

3-Lama terkab taxi w yefdal yerghy bel 3afya that you feel obliged to answer him not to appear snobbish.

4-When you are waiting alone for someone for a long time that people notice you are ditched, so you start using your phone to look busy.

5-Going in for a hug/kiss while the other person goes in for a handshake.

6-Meeting someone you don’t like in the street; have a small talk, and when you finally manage leaving, you both walk in the same direction.


7-Going to a fancy event without knowing the dress code and you’re simply wearing your favourite jeans and a hoodie and EVERY SINGLE PERSON is wearing bow ties and soiree dresses.

8-When you’re with your girl friends and some guy friend passes by and you accidentally take out a pad from your bag.

9-When you call your friend and this happens” Eh yabn el kalb” “meen m3aya?” “alo..? ana Ahmed Hicham” “Ezayak ya habiby, ana el kalb ya 7ayawan ya [email protected]#$$%@#$”


10-When you’re training very hard and someone accidentally farts.

11-Acting as if your talking on your phone to ignore someone and then your phone suddenly rings.

12-When your friend comes to kiss you and her “Salafy” father suddenly pops up behind her and sees you two.

13-You’re at a party and your voice is too loud cursing someone or talking about him/her and suddenly, the music STOPS !

14-That awkward moment when your stalking someone and you accidentally like an old picture of them.

15-And finally, when your friends ditch you at a party and your all alone… screw you guys.