The average life cycle of today’s cars comparing to old cars is just laughable! If your brand new car, which cost you an arm and leg, bumps into one of these so-called classic cars, I guess we all know which car will spend the weekend at the mechanic, while the other will keep rolling along.

We can’t fight it; old is gold no matter how advanced new cars become.

Below are 15 cars that earned the saying “Ya gabal mayhedak ri7”. We bet you’ve seen one of these still cruising the highway recently:

 1. Fiat 128 


Model :1969

It means that in three years we will celebrate its 50th birthday. It really is elberimo!! 

2.Volkswagen Beetle


Model: 1967

A war was declared at the same year this car was produced, and  still it held its ground. That’s something!

3. Peugeot 504

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.02.08 AM

Model: 1978

Come hell or high water, this car will keep on cruising on our streets!

4. Seat 133

Model: 1981

The first car to prove that size is not important!

5. Mercedes 280 El Temsa7a 

976Model: 1967

One Word…Mercedes.

6. Volkswagen Microbus Type 2


Model: 1962

The weirdest part isn’t how the car sustained over the years, it’s how it survived the reckless driving of microbus drivers!

7. Shahin


Model: 1989

Of course it will last forever; it got the coolest name ever.

8. Fiat 1300/1500


Model: 1961

Though the car is as old as the hills, it still got the moves.

9. Peugeot 304 SL Break


Model: 1972

This car will never say die!

10. Fiat 132 2000


Model: 1972 

Back in the seventies, driving this car meant you’re with deep pocket. Those were the days.

11. Volvo 240


 Model: 1974 

They used to say it looks more like a helicopter; the years failed to take out its charm.

12. Fiat 127 


Model: 1971

This Fiat just clings to life.

13. Fiat Bolognese

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.41.12 AM

Model: 1986

The one car used in police car chases in movies; it definitely still requires fearless drivers.

14. Mini Cooper Mr. Bean

Mini Cooper

Model: 1959 

Though it’s the oldest in the book, it’s still the coolest.

15. Lada


Model: 1970 

Years won’t change the fact that Lada is the most popular car in Egypt.