We are already midway through Ramadan, and we ought to pause, look back and gauge which TV series has met our expectation, which has exceeded it and which has let us down. Let’s not waste any more time and get into unnecessary details, below are the TV series that are stealing the show so far this Ramadan.

#5 Aawalem 5afeyah 

A newcomer to our list that wasn’t a part of our Most Promising TV Series this year. Adel Emam was a big surprise to everyone, including us. It seems that El Za3im decided that it’s about time to show other actors who’s boss. Aawalem 5afeya is one hell of an intriguing series, that captivated the audience, and we all can’t wait to see what will happen next.

#4 Layaly Eugénie


Still on our list, but we are a bit disappointed with the slow rhythm of the series. That being said, we are still in awe of the costumes, the cars, the set, the whole era. Let’s hope for a major plot twist that will speed things up.

#3 El Re7la – Abo Omar El Masry 

The third place is a tie between these two amazing series. Abo Omar El Masry has recently joined our list, and El Re7la is still reserving its spot. The competition here isn’t really between the two series, but between Bassel Khayat & Fathy Abd El Wahab on who has the best psychopath character to play this Ramadan.

#2 Taye3 – Kalabsh 2 

Kalabsh has joined our list and leaped into second place right away! Both Taye3 & Kalabsh have succeeded in captivating the audience with the mysteries that cloud the events of the series. So it’s currently a tie between Amr Youssef and Amir Kararah; let’s see who will reach the finishing line first.

#1 Ekhtefa’a 

We aren’t really surprised, Nelly Karim has never failed to blow our minds when it comes to Ramadan. Her choice of scripts, her acting skills, the brilliancy of her fellow actors and actresses are success factors of all her previous series. We all can’t wait to see the real bond that entwined Farida & Nasima’s worlds.

What are your favourite TV series this Ramadan?