Egyptians are so into food and there is no use in denying it anymore! So let’s just focus on feeding our desires for tasty food and our urges of trying out new cuisines. Here are 15 of the best eateries around Cairo that are worth discovering and visiting before 2018 comes to an end.

1. CaiRoma

Looking for an authentic Italian pizza in the middle of Cairo? Search no more. This place is a true hidden gem in the heart of downtown. Located in a small alley, the place boasts an Italian spirit all due to the fact that the owner has lived most of his life in Rome. Starting with atmosphere and ending with food which most of its ingredients come from Italy, CaiRoma represents a timeless elegance.

2. Ora Restobar

The place is the perfect combination between fine dining and nightlife. With a huge variety of mouthwatering and incredibly delicious international cuisine, there will surely be something that suits each and every mood. With an indoor and outdoor seating area, the luxuriously inviting Ora guarantees a warm cozy night, especially by their fireplace table that you don’t want to miss.

3. Mohave

Can you believe that the first Native American restaurant in Cairo is finally here? Named after the indigenous people of the land of America, Mohave centers its décor and food selection on the lives of the nomadic natives of America. With a menu full of signature dishes and interior full of tribal patterns, the experience will leave you warm and happy.

4. Tabla Luna

Have you ever tried Latin American food before? Whether your answer is ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you better head to Tabla Luna! With a cheerful and fun ambiance and their chili Nachos, there is nothing better to open your appetite for life. Though the place is not actually new, but the consistency of their food quality is admirable. Let the flavors fiesta begin.

5. Sabai Sabai

If trying out new international cuisines is your thing, then this restaurant should be on your list. “Not a care in the world” is what Sabai Sabai stands for in Thai language, and that’s exactly what they offer with the contentment of the served Asian food and blissful coziness of the atmosphere.

6. Eish W Gebna

Watch out all cheese addicts out there, something to feed your addiction is cooking here. Cheese fusions are heavenly at Eish w Gebna, and their food selection is just brilliant. You’re going to know what falling in love from the first “bite” is all about in the heart of the Fifth Settlement.

7. Battaw


Battaw represents a modern successful twist on the Egyptian cuisine that is nothing less than revolutionary. Forget about nostalgia and the traditional dishes; Battaw comes with a new concept that will definitely impress food lovers. From quinoa Tabouleh to Mehalabeya cheesecake; you’ll feel shocked in every good way.

8. The White Owl

Located in Maadi, The White Owl is an urban pasta-pub specialized in serving homemade fresh mouthwatering pasta. The place represents the core of the saying “Simplicity is beauty”. The small exclusive group of real pasta experts has just increased by one. Besides, their unique ambiance with the bald artwork makes it very encouraging to indulge in.

9. Aeon

Designed as an apartment of five spaces, Aeon is a high-end luxurious international cuisine complementing our beloved Korba. The name means endless time, and that’s exactly what you’ll wish to have the moment you step inside, with the ambiance of the Great Gatsby and the heavenly food cooked to perfection.

10. Sea Salt Bakery & Cafe

The adorable little Sea Salt Bakery and Café has made the impossible equation, possible. Besides offering breakfast all day long, the food served is satisfying yet super healthy. With a sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and of course guilt-free menu, the place is basically a haven for healthy food seekers and anyone with food allergies.

11. Zulu

It’s a big shame that we’re not familiar with the cuisines of our own continent, that’s why Zulu decided to step in and educate us about South African food. Located in Maadi and run by a South African couple, it is a whole new adventurous experience that brings the yummy traditional plates of South Africa to Cairenes.

12. Buffalo Wings and Rings

Located at the Radisson Blue, this is your typical sports bar similar to those you can find in the British capital. By optimizing the experience of watching sports through serving suitable, delicious and easy to eat food, Buffalo Wings and Rings is definitely a pioneer in this area. The deep flavors, fresh ingredients and energetic atmosphere made Buffalo worthy of its place on this list.

13. Gringos Burrito Grill


Saving its place since almost 2012, it wasn’t fair to skip Gringo’s just because it has been around for a long time! This is by far one of the best places out there serving authentic Mexican food and it succeeded in preserving the same quality of food and level of service since its opening. They now have 3 branches in Maadi, Zamalek and Fifth Settlement for the love of nachos!

14. Speakeasy

Located in Heliopolis, Speakeasy is an elegant venue with an exceptional Mediterranean cuisine. The menu includes original dishes that are hardly found anywhere else. Not to mention that the restaurant de jour is located inside a 1920’s historical villa that just levels up their game alongside with the Cigar Lounge.

15. Chicken and Ribs

The sister of Butcher’s Burger is an underrated family member and we decided to take some action. The place has a menu that includes a huge variety of comfort foods, a very cozy and casual ambiance and excdellent quality of service. The twins represent American food at its best.

We apologize if we made you hungry. Now let the food scouting begin before the year ends.