Some say that each one of us has at least one lookalike in the world; some say seven, others say forty, some say that’s just a myth! Well, myth or not, all I know is that the following celebrities look mind boggling alike, and could totally pass as siblings.

Below are 15 Egyptian celebs and their lookalike international stars:


1. Lea Michele & Mirna Walid 

There is something undeniably identical between the Glee star and singer, Lea Michele, and our Egyptian star Mirna Walid.


2. Ahmed Mazhar & Pedro Pascal

The “Game of Thrones” & “Narcos” star, Pedro Pascal, needs to watch one of our black and white movies. He will see his face staring right back at him when Ahmed Mazhar is on screen! The eyes, the moustache, the lips. Seriously?

Amina Khalil & Lizzy Caplan 

Let’s not talk about the eyes or the nose, because things will get creepy by how much alike these two are! But the American star of “Now You See Me 2” and our beloved Amina Khalil share the same funny free spirit and incredible acting skills!

4. Sharon Osbourne & Leblebah 

Have you ever, while watching the X Factor or The Talk, felt like ‘Okay, this is Leblebah talking”?! Mrs. O and our very own Leblebah have more in common than just looks. They talk the same way, laugh the same way, even dress the same way.

5. Jimmy Fallon & Mahmoud El-Bana 

If you don’t see the similarity between these two, you should probably go and have your eyes checked! The Egyptian actor Mahmoud El-Bana, best known for his role as the extreme religious guy in ‘Lan A3ish Fi Gebabb Aby’, is the spitting image of Jimmy Fallen!

6. Michiel Huisman & Ahmed Hatem 

Other than the fact that both of them are extremely hot, the ‘Game of Thrones‘ star, Michiel Huisman, and our talented actor, Ahmed Hatem are on the same path when it comes to looks. They grew long hair at the same time, and then cut it and grew beards. Are these just coincidences?

7. Minnie Drive & May Selim 

 The English actress and songwriter, Minnie Driver looks more like May Selim, than May Selim’s own sister Mais Hamdan!

8. Karla Zouza & Donia Abd El-Aziz 

One look at the rising star from ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Karla Souza, and Donia Abd El Aziz’s name invaded my mind!


9. James Arthur & Hussein Zayed 

Okay, this one is just for the fun of it, but despite James Arthur’s serene voice, when he stares, that would bring Hussein Zayed’s creepy look in ‘Safa7 E Nesa2’.

10. Jimmy Smits & Aly El-Haggar 

That’s no joke! Jimmy Smits from ‘Star Wars’ needs to contact Aly El Haggar immediately, seriously, wouldn’t you want to meet someone who looks like you that much?

11. Gabriel Byrne & Ahmed Luxor 

These two are long lost brothers, that’s for sure.

12. Barsoum Gamil & Gollum 

Do The Lords of The Rings want creepy? Barsoum Gamil could show them the real creep with his incredible performances. Gollum go home!

13. Mohamed Ramadan & Alfie Enoch 

Our blockbuster star Mohamed Ramadan has also joined the  Harry Potter movies, as Dean Thomas, and the ‘How to get Away With Murder’ series as Wes Gibbinis… Just kidding that was Alfie Enoch, but for heaven’s sake look at them!

14. Tala’at Zein & Irrfan Khan

No words needed!

15. Tawfiq El De2n & Robert Downey Junior

Raise your hand if you have ever thought about it.