By: Naureen Youssef

We all have that one person in our lives who has a special place in our hearts. For me, I found her over a song she was singing, and I couldn’t help but connect to her angelic voice. She looked at me, saw me tear up and in that moment we formed our everlasting bond. A best friend isn’t easy to find. Let’s face it; we all been hurt at some point in our lives by a friend that we thought would last for life. But when you do find that friend you can call a sister, the one that wouldn’t imagine hurting you or let anyone hurt you for that matter, the one friend that everyone thinks is your sister because you are just so alike, well you have her for life!

1- She never judges you

We all make stupid decisions every once in a while, but she’ll never judge. She will be concerned about you, but never judge your actions. She will be there to give advice that comes from the heart, because she wants the best for you. And when you don’t listen, she probably knows you too well to just let you commit a mistake hoping you learn from it.


2- She will always make time for you

No matter how busy her schedule is, she will make time to hear about your issues no matter how silly they seem. Even if she can’t meet you, she will undoubtedly stay up all night with you over the phone. She will be there for you because she wants to, not because she has to.


3- You will always have the best time with her

You could go for a drive, stay in at home gossiping or go to a party. It’s always fun to be around each other and have the best spontaneous laughs while everyone is wondering what you two are laughing about.


4- She will be your wing-woman

She will be the one helping you with your ugly break up, telling you he wasn’t worth it or good enough to appreciate you. She will be with you over the phone at 4 am listening to you cry and trying to calm you down even if it’s for the hundredth time. She will be the one picking your dates, choosing who is good for you and who you should forget about, and if you got your eyes on someone, she will be the one who makes it happen.


5- She will be honest

She will be telling you if your outfit doesn’t match and open her wardrobe to pick something for you. She will be doing your makeup when you get it wrong. She will be the one to tell you to go work out or get a new hairstyle, and she will do it out of care.


6- She will always surprise you

She will be the one planning your birthday even if you have a boyfriend, focusing on every detail just to make that day special for you. She will surprise you with random gifts that she knows you will like. She would be writing you poems, letters or even singing songs just because she saw your friendship in it.

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7- No one will know what you two are thinking

You will be able to read each other’s minds and understand everything you want to tell each other with just one look. Your conversations will be deeper than anything else that only excites, and when you say “I am fine” but you aren’t, she will be the only one who knows you are lying. You would probably be married to each other if you didn’t like boys!


8- You trust her beyond reason

You know that no matter how big this secret is, you can share it with her. You know she will protect your secrets as if they are her own. You can tell her anything not worrying she will go telling everyone. You simply know your secrets are safe with her.

9- You have the same morals

You could be a model and she could be a singer, but at the end of the day both of you will still have the same beliefs. You both share the same values and the same sense of what is right and what is wrong, but if one of you breaks it every once in a while, both of you will still love and understand each other.


10- You don’t feel the need to show anyone how close you two are

You could be in a group and barely speaking which might give outsiders an idea that you aren’t really close or that maybe your friendship is fake. They don’t know that your friendship isn’t about being next to each other every minute of every day. You both do your thing, but at the end of the night you end up reporting everything to one another.

11- You consider each other as sisters

The best compliment any one can give you is that you two look alike and the best question you get asked is “Are you two sisters?” Because basically you are. You’ve spent a lot of time together, and been there for one another. You share everything and your families know each other.

12- There is only sorry, no Buts

When you mess up which happens at a certain stage in every friendship, you apologize when you’re wrong and be genuinely sorry. She’ll be sorry and won’t transfer the blame on anyone else. If you have someone who is brave enough to be honest about her mistakes, then you definitely have a friend who cares enough to be truly sorry even when everyone else doesn’t understand why you forgave her or why she forgave you.

13- She will make the effort if it’s important to you

You know you got a life time thing when you hear the phrase “I hate you, but I am doing this for you.” Whether it’s a place she doesn’t want to go to, or meeting your boyfriend whom she doesn’t really like or another friend that she knows doesn’t like her. She will do it because your happiness means a lot to her.

14- She will wake you up

When she finds you dreaming hopelessly, she will be the one zapping you to reality. She will remind you of what you already have and how important the small things are in life. She will keep your head out of the clouds, but still inspire you to aim for the stars.

15- You are both equal in your friendship

Caring for each other is the best way of knowing your best friend is for life. If both of you appreciate this special bond and respect each other no matter what happens, then you will be there till the end.