EG Bank ads this year followed the same track of last year’s. Raouf, who is also known as Oufa, is still the star of their ads and they are definitely making us relate to him on daily basis. Raouf is simply an ordinary guy who mostly feels marginalized in many situations. But guess what? We ALL feel this way at times and that is why we sympathize with him.

Even if you think otherwise, these 15 situations will prove you wrong! Here are 15 times we all feel like Oufa, but won’t admit it out loud!-

#1: When It’s the First Day of Work/School and No One Even Looks at You

#2: When You Raise Your Hands to Answer a Question in Class. But End Up Feeling Transparent Because No One Calls Your Name

#3: When You’re The First to Order Food, But You Still Receive it Last

#4: When You Keep Calling the Waiter, But They Make You Feel Like You Don’t Exist

#5: When You Text Your Gang on Your Whatsapp Group, But it Feels like You’re Texting the Dead

#6: When You’re Watching TV, But Then Your Brother Comes and Decides to Watch Something Else

#7: When You’re Standing in Line and Suddenly Someone Cuts in Like You’re Not Even There

#8: When You’re Hanging Out With Your Friends and Start Telling a Story. But Then You Realize That No One is Listening

#9: When Your Mum Hands You Her Phone to Say Hi to Tante Fakiha and Then You Are Stuck with an Infinite Loop of Gossip

#10: When You Share a Post and Get No Likes, But Your Friend Shares the Same Exact Post and Gets 100000 Likes

#11: When It’s Time for The Group Picture at the End of Every Outing And They Give You The Phone to Take The Picture Yourself

#12: When You Apply For a Job But No One Ever Calls, Not Even With a Rejection Message

#13: When You Are Sleeping Peacefully, But Your Whole Family Decides to Use Your Room as The Living Room

#14: When You Are Going Out With Your Friends, But They Decide to Eat Sushi, Even Though You Hate it

#15: When You and Your Friends are Taking a Selfie, But They Cropped You Out of The Picture

Whenever you feel like you’re having one of those ‘Oufa’ kind of days, just know that you are never alone.