Got some free time on your hand, but don’t know what to do with it? Here are a few ideas that might appeal to you.

Check the news: It’s important to always stay updated with what’s going on in the world. Get out of your own bubble and read about what’s happening in the world around you. Simply checking the headlines is a great start.

Learn something new: It’s always interesting and refreshing to learn something new. A language, crocheting, a sport, etc. You could watch videos online, take classes, ask a friend or simply read about whatever you want to learn. The possibilities are endless. Embrace your free time and learn something new and exciting.

Write: Some of us express ourselves through writing better than speaking. If you’re one of those people, by all means, write! A story, a poem, or simply your thoughts. It’ll feel good, plus it’ll reveal things about yourself you probably didn’t know before.

Exercise: Go for a walk, run, stretch, a Zumba class, lift weights, play tennis with a friend; whatever. Just get up and get moving. The benefits of exercising are endless.

work out

Think of your goals and PLAN how to achieve them: Most of our dreams never come true because we never plan how we’ll achieve them. Think of what you want to achieve and use your free time to make a full plan on how you’re going to do it.

Read a book: Reading is good for you. It nourishes your mind, keeps you creative and will probably teach you more than procrastinating would. Do it!

Read a book

Volunteer: The smile on the people you help’s faces is worth all the free time in the world! whether it’s a little girl in an orphanage or an old man in a retirement home, your time with them will be well spent.

Visit a family member: Haven’t seen grandma or your aunt in a while? Go over there! Whoever you decide to visit will surely appreciate the gesture.

Help out a friend: Does any of your friends need help with a project they’re working on? Lend a hand. Are they going through a hard time? Pass by and keep them company. Be there for them.

Learn to play an instrument: We need more drummers in this country. (All other instruments are welcome and encouraged, as well).

learn to play an instrument

Do some housework: Clean out that drawer you haven’t opened in months, do laundry, wash the dishes; whatever it is around the house that needs to be done.

Finish some work ahead of time: You know that essay due in three weeks? Start on it ahead of time. You have no idea how good it feels to get things done and out of the way much before they’re due.

Call an old friend: Catch up, chit-chat, or even vent to them. I guarantee it’ll be a pleasant conversation and a chance to win an old friend back into your life.


Get a job/internship: That would look great on your résumé and will teach you a lot of things.

Bake dessert for the family: I couldn’t keep myself from putting this one on the list. My love for baked goods wouldn’t let me. Bake something yummy and show your family you love them.

Put your free time to good use, guys!