Brace yourselves everyone; that public reunion we’ve been awaiting for years finally happened.

Last night, the 19th of January, former sweethearts Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had not one moment, but many moments of public reunion. The joyful incident took place at the 2020 SAG Awards!

After the awards session, the most famous exes welcomed each other with warm hugs and things got touchy-touchy in front of all the cameras. Could this pave the way for a possible relationship? We think YES. And here’s why!

Alright so, many would just argue that this is wishful-thinking. So, let’s do some fact-checking, shall we?

1# He Dropped Everything To Watch Her

Backstage, Brad was socializing after he received his award. But once Jenn was about to get ready to receive her own, he stopped everything he’s doing to watch and smile at her acceptance speech. Aw right?

2# Both At the Peak of Their Careers

If you have a good memory, back then, when the two were an item, Brad was way ahead of Jennifer at their acting careers. He was off doing all those big Hollywood movies, while she was just “Rachel Green” from Friends!

Now though, Jenn is a well-established award wining actress. we mean, she had just received the SAG for her extraordinary performance in Apple’s production “The Morning Show”.

3# That Promising PDA Moment

We know Brad and Jenn kept a friendly attitude towards one another over the years. But this is the first time, ever since their broken marriage, to embrace each other and look so intimate in front of the cameras!

4# They Are Both SINGLE

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Aniston got a divorce in 2018. Two years before that, Brad called it quits on his long marriage to Angelina Jolie. So, do we hear an AMEN?

That being said, let’s just state that even though the signs are there, this is all just a theory. One we all wish would be true. Should it not, we will still hope both continue to make great films and prove that exes could be friends!