Did you guys ever ask yourselves, why would a small misunderstanding between you and your girlfriend turn into a huge endless fight?

Why would a discussion start with “where shall we go to eat” end with: “I don’t want to be with you anymore!”

Guys use some words that can instantly drive the sanest smartest woman into a monster. You might use them unintentionally, without even thinking, but to some women, they have deep historical meanings. Some of these words take your woman to another level of insanity that your mind cannot absorb.

Allow me to take you on a tour, inside a lady’s mind, you might then understand how they perceive your words; they have hidden meanings that might not relate to what you meant at all when they slipped out your tongue. Here are some examples:


1-  “Are you really going to eat all that?” 

Woman: Oh god I am fat, I need to lose weight, and he does not see me as beautiful as before, it is all because of that bitch at work with him.


2- “My ex used to…”

Woman: He cannot get over her, he still loves her, I am not enough for him. Oh God I am just a rebound.


3- “You always do that.”  

Woman: I am boring! I knew it. He lost interest.


4- “What’s up with your hair?”

Woman: He does not like the color, I am killing the hairdresser.


5- “Relax!”

I am making a pause with this word. You seriously shouldn’t be saying it. “Relax” to a woman is more of a green light to smash anything that comes her way including your face. AVOID!


6- “You have a similar thing” (while shopping) 

Woman: I knew I shouldn’t have told him to come with me. Such a big turn off and a mood spoiler!


7- “I give up” 

Woman: he is giving up on me! I was so easy; he should have suffered more to get me. I should have been a bitch. He is now taking me for granted.


8- “Not discussing this anymore”

Woman: What else should we be discussing; he does not give a shit anymore! I am so tired of his indifference.


9- “Is this your time of the month?”  

Woman: So I am allowed to go crazy for a few days per month, other than that I am not allowed to, and now he will be treating me like a kid, nothing will be sorted out as usual.


10- “I’m not good enough for you.”

Woman: Such an asshole, he did notice this at first! Was I a challenge, he just wanted to grab my attention and I am no more exciting. Is he trying to slip away in a decent manner?


11- “I’m not in the mood.”

Woman: I cannot even remember the last time you were in the mood for anything.


12- “Don’t take it personal”  

Woman: well actually I don’t know where else should I take it! I am telling you this girl insulted me!


13- "I Love You" (During a Fight).

I am pausing here as well. NO NO NO. Not the right time at all. To a woman this means “Shut Up because I need to sleep. “


14- "It's Up to You"

Woman: And when is it up to you when it is always up to me!!!!!!! Why can’t you be part of any decision!


15- "You Knew I Was This Way . . .”

Woman: No actually I didn’t know previously you were an asshole, I wish I had known. I wouldn’t have been here discussing this bullshit with you.


16- “Nothing”

Woman: Fuck you.


Now I have listed the words that drive us crazy on the spot. I am now giving you some other magic words that can put a smooth end to such meaningless discussions:

“SORRY.  It was all my fault “This is the keyword, as simple as it sounds.