The 90’s was an awesome decade. The snacks were cheaper, tasted better and were always at our disposal. The real question is how many of these have you tried?

1- Super Magic Gum

imagesThis gum was probably one of the most exciting things about our childhood. I’m not sure if it was actually magical though. Now, all we have is Trident and Chiclets!

2- Gersy


Bistek, bistek, bistek, naw! Chocolata Gersy wakla el gaw. Bounty ain’t got nothing on this!

3- Bimbo

BYTg00HCcAAq8BVThis chocolate wafer biscuit is probably the best kind of wafer biscuit out there. Bimbo kan ye3’leb 2gda3 Loacker.

4- Corona Chocolate

1259845675Mmmm. Milk chocolatey awesomeness! Tastes of childhood goodness!

5- Batouq Gumx14188.png.pagespeed.ic.NgoXKTyEov.jpg

This multicolored gum pack allowed you to have 4 different flavors so you never get bored!

6- Tiny Size Chiclets Gum

imagesTSAnd if four flavors weren’t enough, Tiny Size gum allowed you to mix and match multiple colors and flavors in one pack.

7- Mandolin Chocolate

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 12.51.34 PMThe taste of a Mars bar, with the flavor and flair of Egypt. The one and only Mandolin chocolate!

8- Star Chocolate

ستارStar chocolate was the crunchiest chocolate bar in existence, a wafer covered in rice crispies and chocolate. Yum-yum!

9- Ramba Gum

dd4e1df0c2Apparently, our generation was really big on gum for some reason. These gumballs were all kinds of fruit-flavored fun.

10- Samba Wafer


This wafer had the power to make you go “Ah yanni ya5wati!” And if you don’t believe us, watch their ad:

11- Chico Bon

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.52.55 PMFor the Egyptian version of chocolate M&M’s. 27san men el 2gnabii.

12- S & S 

S &SAnd this is the Egyptian version of peanut M&M’s.

13- Shame3dan Wafer

0The original Egyptian wafer since 1988!

14- Nawa3em Biscuitsbiscuits-home

These were the ultimate tea biscuits. Dunking them in your tea was quite possibly the best thing that happened to you and your tea!

15- Best Juice

30658These juice packs meant we got to carry around our fruity freshness. If only we could figure out how to put the straw in.

16- Lolita Popsicles

13534224938680Dealing with the heat was so much easier with these lovely little popsicle sticks!

Honorable Mentions (Photos not found): Chipsy Karate, Drums Popcorn.

So how many of those have you tried? We realize that zaman el sha2awa is long gone, but at least with these snacks we know that it sure was sweet!